Dear Friends,

It is only human to crave social companionship and closeness. It's the root of our sense of belonging, and in many ways self reflection. Just yesterday many of us were looking ahead towards brighter days and summer adventures, until it all came to an alarming halt.

Now what feels like a lucid incubus is our frank reality. The Art of Optimism is the juxtaposition of finding light + inspiration amidst such grim uncertainties.

Over the next few weeks our Artists share a glimpse into how they as creatives are grappling with time, finding inspiration, and being creative to encourage us to discover meaning and utilize time as a space to express.

We would like to take this time and thank you for your support. Know that staying connected is vital as we embrace the days ahead. We hope this doesn't just stop here but catapults our creativity to bravely explore further. Let's inspire to be inspired and through it all be able to find a silver lining of expression through the beauty and craft of creation.

Take Care,

The Magenta Team