The Art of Optimism is the contrast between the juxtaposition of finding light + inspiration in such grim uncertainties. Over the next few weeks a series of artists share a glimpse of how they as creatives are grappling with time, finding inspiration, and being creative to encourage us to find meaning and utilize time as a space to express.

How are you spending your time during Shelter in Place?

Eunice: I am in San Francisco with my husband, two kids, our dog (Freddie), and cat (Sans Gêne- French for no shame). I am homeschooling my kids (which basically looks like being an administrative assistant to two demanding CEOs!), and illustrating our latest children’s book I Believe in You, out this Fall from Workman Publishing.

Sabrina: I am in Stinson Beach with my husband and three kids. I likewise have been spending a lot of time homeschooling, and finding pockets of time for creative projects and to take care of our small business. I‘ve also been reading our favorite children’s books on Instagram Live nightly at 7:30 PST.

How have you found inspiration during this time of solitude?

Sabrina: Being in nature, paddle boarding, connecting with friends and family by calling or writing letters, and playing board games with my kids. My kids inspire me daily -- despite the challenging times and our daily struggles, they are naturally funny, free, and full of creative ideas! Whenever I am stuck, I try to stop what I am doing and watch them play.

Eunice: I have been crafting, cooking, taking virtual dance classes, and getting together with friends for virtual happy hours. I’ve also been getting inspired by our fans through our social media campaign, ABC Distance!, in which we are illustrating a humorous ABCs of social distancing.  Humor is essential for getting us through these tough times!

What inspiration can you share with fellow artists to keep their heads up and keep creating during this time?

Eunice: Put your blinders on whenever you can and escape into the creative process.. Picture yourself looking back on quarantine life a year from now, and imagine what you might be laughing about -- then, channel that humor into your work.

Sabrina: Give yourself space. There is nothing wrong with you if you are having a hard time getting in the creative flow right now. You’re not alone!

- Hello!Lucky


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