The Art of Optimism is the contrast between the juxtaposition of finding light + inspiration in such grim uncertainties. Over the next few weeks a series of artists share a glimpse of how they as creatives are grappling with time, finding inspiration, and being creative to encourage us to find meaning and utilize time as a space to express.

Angela Staehling captures the essence of nature and botany. Her wanderlust spirit is reflected in her whimsical designs as she paints vignettes of a life worth exploring. A longtime illustrator and surface designer, Angela designs an array of tabletop, stationery, outdoor accessories and home decor. You may recognize her from Magenta's collaborative collection Plant Life, but her artistic endeavors don't stop there. She is an active member of her local art community where she serves as an art cancel member, organizer and promoter of art events and juror. She has designed and taught art programs to communities in need and brought art projects into schools that lack funding for the arts. 

 Surprisingly, my lifestyle hasn’t changed too much while Sheltering in Place. As an artist, I work from home and usually find inspiration out in my garden, taking care of my houseplants, or even hanging out with my cats.

I am forever grateful for all the healthcare workers who risk their lives to help battle the coronavirus! They are our superheroes! As a small token of my appreciation, I recently hosted a giveaway to send my Heart Art Prints as a “thank you” to several healthcare workers. I felt that was the least I could do as an artist. 

Staying home has allowed me to focus more on my space. I’m tending to more projects around my home, like cleaning my studio, re-potting my houseplants, and even spending more time with my family. Taking comfort in knowing that we are doing our part in staying home makes me feel like we are doing our part. I know it’s not huge, but every bit helps. Hope you can find your comfort in these tough times too!

Angela Staehling

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