It's safe to say that 2020 has been a strange year for all of us. While these are truly uncertain times, there are still ways to stay optimistic and excited for the future while in quarantine. For those of you who have had to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19, we are here for you! Looking on the brighter side of things, this added sense of time allows you to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams. For 2020 brides and the newly engaged who have had to put their wedding on hold, here's a wedding planning guide, complete with unique wedding registry ideas, to check off your list while in shelter-in-place. Now let's get busy!

1. Research 

With a little extra time on your hands and the internet, take a deep dive and search all your favorite blogs, Pinterest, Instagram pages, lists of venues, menus + pairings, florists, rental services and new ideas for inspiration. We suggest keeping a wedding planning excel doc to keep all the lists you are finding separate for when you are ready to reach out and start booking.

Here are a few of our favorite wedding blogs to checkout while quarantining: 

The Wedding Playbook

One Fab Day


Hey Wedding Lady

2. Make a Concept Board

Once you feel like you have enough research to work with, make a mood/concept board to visualize your wedding as a whole. You can make different inspiration boards for different categories, like:

  • Color Palettes and Patterns
  • Invitations and Stationery
  • Fabrics (Table Linens and Drapery)
  • Cakes and Desserts
  • Menus 
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Fashion (Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen)
  • Photography
  • Favors
  • Signature Cocktails and Catering 
  • Venues

Once your inspiration is complete, let it sit and make edits as time goes on until you have narrowed your concept board down to your final decisions for your overall wedding look.  

3. Establish Your Wedding Theme

When planning your wedding's theme, take these aspects into consideration:

  • The Season
  • Type of Venue 
  • Favorite Colors 
  • Family Traditions
  • Decade Styled Themes
  • Your Budget

Establishing your theme will help everything else fall into place, and can be used as a base to plan everything around.

4. Build Your Guest List 

Now more than ever is the perfect time to map out your guest list no matter how big or small. Since everyone is #StayingHome, stay connected while making a detailed list of guests to share your perfect day with (when that day comes). 

We suggest keeping a digital list for easy accessibility when the time comes for mailing out invitations. A great way to keep your list organized is by setting up a guest list via the Knot by using their Guest List App. Store and request addresses, track plus-ones, check RSVPs and more all from your fingertips and in the safety of your own home. 

5. Take Virtual Venue Tours

“Virtual venue tours create the opportunity to view your prospective venue from the comfort of your own home. Many venues with established event businesses will provide tours of their different event spaces, the grounds of the property as well as the facilities.”–Joel Lippman, Hutton Brickyards

6. Set Your Tablescapes 

Your wedding's tablescapes set the mood for your guests. This space is where your friends and family will be spending most of their time at the reception, besides the dance floor. Create an ambiance by incorporating decadent centerpieces, place settings, lighting, dishware, textiles, and favors to wow your guest and leave a lasting impression for years to come. For more guidelines on how to decorate your wedding table we suggest the Knot's Table Setting Guide.

7. Sign-Up for Registries

Couples at home should take advantage of this time by finding a wide array of unique wedding registry ideas online. From honeymoon registries to websites like Blueprint Registry that let you add gifts from any store, cross this task off your list by shopping entirely from the comforts of your own home. 

8. Stick to a Bridal Fitness Plan

Working out while in quarantine is a great way to keep your spirits up and stay active while in Shelter-in-Place. With your wedding in mind, use this as a motivator to stay active and healthy and before you know it, you will be hearing your own wedding bells while feeling amazing in your beautiful wedding gown.  When you are trying to tone up for your big day, the rule of thumb is giving yourself 12 weeks to be able to focus on toning certain areas and getting a healthy diet in check. Get outside and take daily walks, or explore new hiking trails. Find virtual fitness apps that take 30 minutes out of your quarantine day to get active with a goal in mind... Your wedding!

9. Design Your Wedding Bands 

“There’s no time like a quarantine to design your custom wedding bands for the big day from the comfort of your home. Choosing your bands out of a drawer is a thing of the past. Today’s couples want something with a personal touch, and advancements in 3D modeling technology have made custom jewelry more accessible than ever. At Ada Diamonds, all of our lab diamond wedding bands are custom and made-to-order to perfectly match your engagement ring and your vision for the perfect wedding set. Our virtual Concierge Experience lets you work with a diamond expert to watch your rings come to life through videos, computer models, and photo realistic renderings.” -Kelly Villarreal, Ada Diamonds
10. *Clears Throat* Write Your Vows

Prepare your speeches. Begin writing vows, notes to your wedding party, thank you speeches now so when time gets more limited closer to the date, you won't have to add this to your list. While you have downtime and a clearer mind, write beautiful vows and speeches that will leave your guest blown away. During this time of solitude, really think about what it is you truly love about your partner and why you want to spend the rest of your life together.  


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As we navigate through these uncertain times, we want you to know that we are here for you! Stay positive and excited about when your big day finally comes and until then let the planning begin.

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