Rae is our longest partnership developing multiple collections sold all around the world. Her signature look and style have won thousands of hearts as they anticipate what’s next. We cherish her so much, we wanted to give her the birthday spotlight and show how much she means to us. 

So raise a glass and celebrate the queen ceramist herself! In honor of Rae Dunn's birthday we are featuring her top 2022 favorite things and why she loves them so much. 

1. Bloom Bud Vases

Why Rae Loves It:

"I always like to have fresh flowers in my environment. These bud vases are the perfect size for just a small handful of flowers or leaves/branches. They bring sweetness and joy to any room." 

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2. The Classic Salt + Pepper Cellars. 

You may have seen this classic duo on Studio McGee's Netflix special Dream Home Makeover or know the Salt + Pepper is a Rae Dunn collector's staple. The  Classic Salt + Pepper Cellar Set is one of the oldest of the OG's, throughout the Bay Area you mind even come across a few of Rae's first-ever crafted ones.

Why Rae Loves It: 

"Growing up in a restaurant, I was always used to keeping spices by the stove to easily grab a pinch of this or that. This set is so handy to keep by the stove while you’re cooking, and cute enough to bring to the table while you’re eating!" 

 3. Small Eating Dishes

Why Rae Loves It: 

"I love small dishes and find them to be very useful and essential. I use these almost daily to serve small bites of food on, to serve nuts or olives on, or to use for my mise en place while cooking."

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4. Pear Measuring Cups

Why Rae Loves It

"Soon after I started ceramics, I began making sculptural pears. It sort of became my “thing” and I made and sold orchards and orchards of them. The pear measuring cups was a fun way to integrate my sculptural pears with something utilitarian. It looks nice on your counter AND it’s useful."

Shop Rae's Pear Measuring Cups

5. Word Mugs

Why Rae Loves It:

"I associate the beginning of a new day with a warm beverage (tea or coffee), and I savor it for as long as I can. I like to choose a mug with a word that resonates with me that day, and then it becomes my mantra throughout the day. I feel like this really helps to keep me mindful and grounded."

Shop Rae's Word Mugs, Set of 6

6. Kyoto Pouches

Why Rae Loves It: 

"I am a true believer in pouches. I always have bags within bags. It makes me crazy to see the inside of purse with the contents randomly scattered about. Little pouches of different sizes help to organize your belongings and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. You won’t even know you needed pouches until you get some!"

Shop Rae's Kyoto Pouches 


Love all these items featured on her list? Shop her 2022 Birthday Bundle for a limited time only. Comment below and share with us some of your favorite 2022 things from Rae Dunn's collections.



Happy Birthday, Rae! 

From: Magenta