Your home is the most important place in the world, and lately it's where a lot of time is being spent. Your family's story unfolds in this space. It's where you eat your meals, play with your pets and kick back and relax. Each of our collections come from our roster of female artists who help make everyday items special.

This Spring we worked with two former and two new Social Media Ambassadors to see how they personally styled, photographed, and used our artisan collections in their homes. The result was beautiful imagery that captured the essence of the Artist's work within the setting of a cook, a florist and within family homes.

We love working with our ambassadors because they show us how our products fit into each of their lives through photographic stories. These items no longer live in the pages of our catalogs or website, but in the hands of real people - each with a real knack for great photos, if we might add!
Read below to find out more about how Yukiko, Katelin, Lianne, and Liz, our Social Media Ambassadors for Spring 2020, incorporated the Magenta Boutique collections into their homes.

Yukiko Brandley

 Yukiko Brandley

Instagram: @_cafeathome

"During this difficult time, I had never appreciated our home this much before. As we spend most of our time at home, I focused more about how we live our life comfortably for everyone in our family.
Magenta's products always lit our daily life brighter, as we pour coffee in our favourite mugs, using beautiful wooden tools in the kitchen, serving breakfast on a tray, lighting a candle to relax at night.... These are all little things, but each one brightens our everyday life."

rae dunn heritage spice shakers

The Rae Dunn Heritage Icon Spice Shakers


"I am one of those lucky girls who could meet Rae Dunn in person. It's one of the most exciting experiences in my life. She truly is an amazing artist and also a kind and warm hearted person. And now when I look at her beautiful boutique pieces, I can see her in the reflection. Stem line is so fun, and her writing makes me smile when I use it. I love the Swiss cross design of her Heritage line, it's bold and always stands out."

rae dunn oval plate set

The Rae Dunn Stem Print Oval Plates

Rae dunn stem print cookies canister crown

The Rae Dunn Stem Print Crown Cookie Jar


"I always love simple, airy, modern home decor and style, and Magenta's products fit into our home so naturally. Simple but unique, beautiful design come from artists make me proud to own them. I enjoy both displaying and actually using them daily. Our absolute favourite is Rae Dunn's stem print cookie jar. It looks beautiful on our kitchen counter, and our kids love to open it and grab a chocolate chip cookie. My daughter and I love baking together, and we always have fun filling the cookie jar afterwards. These will always be our memories to cherish."

Amy Hamley luminary candle holder

The Palm Desert Luminary


palm desert tumblers

The Palm Desert Tumblers in White

"I am also impressed by the beauty and the quality of Amy Hamley's Palm Desert line. It's matte and smooth to touch, and its subtle gold line is gorgeous. It's perfect for home party and entertaining at the table.

I have been enjoying being a Magenta Inc ambassador so much. I see Magenta Inc products as a piece of art. I get so excited to think about how I can make these beautiful products as good in photos as they are in person. I love the process of thinking about attractive lighting, composition, and story to tell for each product. I am honored to be on Magenta's team."



Katelin Garcia

Instagram: @with_flourish

"I have loved participating with Magenta products. As a florist I am a bit obsessed with vases and Magenta has some of my favs! I work with a lot of different colors, textures and shapes so I am drawn to clean white vases. So of course, I love working with Magenta!"Rae Dunn Bloom vase

The Rae Dunn BLOOM Vase

rae dunn grow vase with flourish kate garcia

The Rae Dunn GROW Vase

Rae dunn HOLD crock with flourish

The Rae Dunn HOLD Crock

"The words on the vessels, bloom, hold, grow, etc. always draw me back to a reminder of what we're doing at With Flourish. That is, creating beauty for others and for us. Every crazy, flower filled day starts with coffee in a sweet mug from Magenta (LOVE the inscriptions: enjoy, pause, sit, and relax) and a Magenta apron. My day could not start any better!"

Rae Dunn Heritage Icon Apron

Rae dunn word mugs

The Rae Dunn Word Mugs 

Amy Hamley palm desert hanging planter

The Amy Hamley Hanging Planter


Lianne Carey Magenta Social Ambassador

Lianne Carey

Instagram: @carey_bears


"Since I was a kid, I have always had an affinity for home decor. My mom and I used to watch decorating shows after school together and it is one of my favorite memories as a kid.

When we purchased our forever home in the early spring of 2018, I was on the hunt for unique pieces that would stand the test of time in our home. I discovered Magenta after several months of collecting Rae Dunn pottery and instantly fell in love with the unique, artist made, pieces they carried. As an artist myself, finding pieces that, from start to finish, come from the creative mind of another woman is truly inspiring. 

As part of the Magenta Ambassador program, I was able to select pieces I love and incorporate them into my home decor and everyday use. The quality of the pieces is not only impeccable, but the friendliness of everyone I encountered from Magenta, along with the designers and artists themselves was beyond my expectations. I am so grateful to have been able to work with such kind and talented people. " - Lianne Carey

Hello!Lucky Live Life Happy Lianne Carey

The Hello!Lucky Tray Chic Organization Set

Hello!Lucky Kit'n Around Vase

The Hello Lucky Kit'n Around Vase


Shelf Display showing the Fierce Moon Flask Vase

"The Hello Lucky collection is so whimsical and fun. The colors are beautiful and actually became the inspiration for the decor in my daughter’s bedroom (she’s a big fan of pink!)."

Hello lucky lianne carey magenta

hello lucky lianne carey mixing bowl magenta
"I love getting my kids involved with doing things around the house and kitchen. When we first received the mixing bowls and platters from the Hello Lucky collection, my five year old and I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I let her do all the measuring, with a little guidance of course. It was certainly an experience, and while the cookies came out a little flatter than they should, we had fun and ate them anyway....more dough than cookies I have to admit.
She was so excited to use the pieces with flowers and “kitties” on them and they are now used regularly for snack picnics and play date snacks with friends. I look forward to including the whimsical and bright colors into my spring and summer decor throughout the house and finding new and fun ways to put our pieces to use.




Liz Marazzi Family PhotoLiz Marazzi

Instagram: @liz_marazzi

"Having the opportunity to be a Magenta ambassador again for their spring lines was such an honor. The Magenta team is always a pleasure to work with.
I love that all of the collections offered by Magenta allows the artists to stay true to their own personal styles. Each of the pieces, and their uniqueness, has fit perfectly with my family and our home. They’ve given me the chance to showcase my goofy kids and family, as well as photograph more artistic features with my home decor".

rae dunn stem print

The Rae Dunn HUBBY + WIFEY Mug Se

Hello Lucky Serving Platter

The Hello!Lucky Serves You Right Tray

hello lucky serves you right

The Hello!Lucky Serves You Right Containers

 "As much as I love ALL of products and their fun designs from the Live Life Happy line, “the serves you right” containers are easily the most used items in our household. We have used them for just about everything from food storage to craft time, and just simply decorating areas around the home. It’s such a versatile piece to have in my home." - Liz Marazzi

Rae Dunn Heritage Journal

The Rae Dunn Heritage Pocket Journal

Rae Dunn Heritage Icon Wood Serving Board

Rae Dunn Icon Wood Serving Board

 "I don’t think I’ve owned a piece of Rae Dunn I didn’t like. Her heritage collection stays true to her simple style and looks good all around our house. The wooden pegs fit perfectly in our black and white themed playroom giving it that elevated look. My kids enjoy having a place to hang their capes, coats and bags.

I will continue to be grateful for the experience that I’ve been given to be an ambassador for these products and can always look back at photos to remember what a joy it’s been. Thank you for allowing me to showcase pieces that should be in every household."