The 2020 definition of staycation has a whole new meaning this summer season. A “staycation” is officially defined as taking time off from work and finding leisure and relaxation staying home.

The sound of staycation before might have not excited you, but with travel restrictions in place this summer, many of us are left to revisit the idea. Your living room might not live up to an Italian Villa in the middle of Tuscany, but in these unprecedented times, our home is the center of safety and comfort. So while quarantining, why not get a well needed vacation out of it?

Mark Your Calendar

Approach your staycation the same way you would plan any other vacation away. Mark those dates off your calendar and avoid making other commitments during this time, except for scheduling out your in-home spa sessions and sunbathing. Once you’ve set the date, start searching for inspiration! Look for unique recipes, new series to add to your watch list, and hobbies or projects that you finally have time for, then get to writing up an itinerary.

Change Your Scenery - Rearrange Your Space 

Give your eyes a break from the day-to-day monotony by switching up your surroundings. Moving your bed by the window and reorganizing the living room are small tweaks that can make a big difference in how we experience our living spaces.

Planters, vases, and luminaries for scented candles, are details that add new elements of design and change to your space. While your dream trip to Costa Rica may be temporarily on hold, waking up to an array of Plant Life printed accessories is the next best thing - and just as Instagrammable.

Have to reschedule that trip to Joshua Tree this year? Order a cactus instead? Maybe some big leafy monstrosity to keep you company? Plant delivery has never been easier thanks to sites like the Sill and Bloomscape. Who needs to go to Bali when you can plant your own in-home exotic escape?

Don't forget your outdoor space too! With some nice warm weather, redesign and refresh your yard. Toss a nice blanket and some pillows on the lawn, hang some outdoor string lights and plan a picnic getaway.

While Hawaii is on hold, make your own tiki cocktail bar with tiki torches, and a pop-up pool to lounge in while sipping a homemade Mai Thai.

Eat Like You're On Vacation   

Food is one of the best parts of a vacation, who says you can't eat like it at home. Compiling a list of recipes from all your favorite vay-cay spots to try while staycationing, brings the world's kitchen right to your doorstep. Not much of a cook? Go wild on Postmates and splurge on your absolute favorites while supporting your local restaurants.

A staycation is also a good time to sharpen your charcuterie skills. Design a decadent spread of fine cheeses, breads, and meats to pair with your favorite wine.

If you have your heart set on a restaurant that doesn’t usually deliver, chances are they may offer delivery now. The same goes for your local bottle shop. Yes, this is all slightly indulgent but you're probably spending less than you would on a typical vacation and it's a great way to help local small businesses stay afloat. Beyond restaurants, if you miss the overall 'dining' experience create your own tablescape with a curated menu.

Get Creative!

Use this time to adventure out, get fresh air and find new outdoor places to explore. Get a projector and make an in-home movie theater to host your own Noir film festival right in your living room. Try new recipes and create your own bed and breakfast spa. Either way, times are hard right now and being creative and thinking of new ways of living happily in your space is crucial to ride out the summer months ahead. Until we can hop on a plane and get away for a while, find ways to convert your home into your own dream vacation spot.