You’ve heard of a spring cleaning, but what about a total spring home refresh? As we say “so long” to the cold, dreary days of winter, there’s no better time to bring your space back to life with easy updates that will brighten it up for the warmer months ahead. And to help you do it, we’ve put together this quick guide to our very best spring home styling ideas, with tons of helpful takeaways for everywhere from your office to your kitchen to your garden—and all the places in between.

So, how do you rejuvenate your home in anticipation of a new season? Before working on your décor, it’s always a good idea to tidy up and do some basic organizing (sorry, you’re not totally off the hook with spring cleaning!).

As you start to think about decorating updates, check these quick cleaning and organizing tasks off of your to do list so that your space is ready for the changes to come:

  • Wash the windows and let in all that spring sunshine
  • Vacuum your floors, furniture cushions, lamp shades, blinds, and anywhere else that’s been accumulating dust over the winter
  • Wipe down your baseboards and other trim
  • Clean out your fridge and pantry
  • Wash all of your bedding, flip your mattress, and swap in your lighter comforter
  • Go through your closet and remove heavy sweaters, boots, and other winter items, then store them away for the season

You can definitely tackle more tasks for an even more thorough deep clean, but these basics are a great way to give your home a quick refresh so that you can move on to spring decorating.

Rejuvenate Your Home Office

If you’re like many professionals, working from home has become your new normal—and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Having an organized, clean, and bright workspace can make all of the difference when it comes to having effective workdays, as can having the right items around you. (Some other tips for being more productive in your home office: maintain a daily routine, take plenty of breaks, and set alarms throughout the day to keep yourself on schedule.)

In terms of design, we’re huge fans of bringing farmhouse office décor into the space, since it offers just the right balance of style and simplicity. And whether you’re working with a full desk or just a corner of your kitchen table, there are plenty of farmhouse touches you can add to your space to give it a bit of extra charm, including:

To strike the right note, stick to simple items that you love without introducing too much clutter, and be sure that every piece of décor you add to your office space brings function in addition to style.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. To make it a space that you love to be in (and let’s be honest, we’re spending a lot of time in there recently!), look for contemporary home décor that speaks to your aesthetic preferences and turns your kitchen from a place just for cooking to a place that makes you feel as happy as can be.

Some tips for making it happen:

  • Bring in pattern.Play around with patterns when it comes to your kitchen accessories and add a pop of something unexpected in various places around the room.
  • Add color with stools.Speaking of color, while you may not want (or be able to) go bold with your walls or your cabinets, you can certainly bring in happy hues with other pieces, such as your kitchen stools.
  • Enhance your plates, glasses, and silverware.We love using Rae Dunn heritage stamps to create one-of-a-kind farmhouse tabletop decor, including custom stamping on ceramic dinner plates, drinkware, and decorative serveware.
  • Set up snack drawers.Use food storage containers to set up a cabinet or drawer just for healthy snacks so you always know where to go when you need a pick-me-up during the day. Our current favorite healthy treat: these smoothie bowls, which look extra pretty in cocktail glasses and Rae Dunn’s icon glassware.

Spring home refresh

Turning your refresh efforts to your kitchen is a fantastic way to make a big difference with minimal effort. It also guarantees that your next dinner party is going to be a super stylish one.

Switch Up Your Dinnerware

While we’re on the topic of dinner parties, why not take the time to make some quick but impactful changes to your home’s dinnerware collection?

Farmhouse spring decor

Whether you ditch the plastic for pottery dinnerware sets, or invest in some handmade ceramic dinnerware that will last you for many years (and many hosting events) to come, swapping out the old for the new when it comes to things like your platesserving utensilscoasters, and serveware—and even your salt and pepper shakers—is one of the quickest ways to make a meaningful update in your home. It’s also well in line with redecorating your kitchen, since you don’t want to go high-end with other kitchen accessories only to leave your dinnerware behind.

And although you might not be ready to throw a party just yet, spring is an ideal time to purchase updates that will serve you and your guests well for future events, including your holiday tablescapes.

Restyle Your Living Room with New Home Décor

Farmhouse spring décor heads to the living room, with pretty pieces that carry your seasonal refresh out of the kitchen and into the other central living spaces of your home. And if you’re not into farmhouse, you have a ton of other options for putting together a cohesive interior, including boho chic, rustic, and mid-century modern items.

There are lots of places to start when it comes to pulling inspiration for decorating in the living room. Here are some easy tips to get you going this spring:

  • Look for home décor items that aren’t just trendy but that speak to your overall style and offer continuity from room to room
  • Swap out heavily-scented winter candles for lighter-scented ones, and use decorative candle holders to make them a more integrated part of the space
  • Decorate with plenty of fresh flowers, rotating in brand new pretty blooms as needed while sticking to your favorite essential pitchers and vases for display
  • Update your wall décor, striking that perfect balance between too much blank wall space and too little

Keep in mind that you don’t have to (nor should you!) toss out the décor items that got you through the winter. Find ways to incorporate them into your spring scheme, or put them in storage until you’re ready to take them out again.

Reimagine Your Home Garden

Even if you don’t have any designated outdoor space, plants and flowers should still be an important part of spring and summer decorating. Plants are proven to make us happier, reduce stress in the home, and clean and brighten our space. And as a bonus, they can also help clean the air around us.

The key to making plants work in your home is to find modern garden décor that aligns with the look you’re going after. The planters and vases that you choose for displaying your greenery and flowers should be as pretty to look at as the blooms popping out of them, and should also be high-quality enough to last from season to season.

Hint: Don’t have a green thumb? Fake it with faux plants, which today look as real and vibrant as their non-artificial counterparts.

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