How To Host a Dinner Party At Home

How to host a dinner party at home

It’s not always easy to plan and execute a successful dinner party. You’ll need to plan out meals, find the time to cook, tablescape with a stylish dinnerware set, and ensure that everyone has the time to attend. 

In life, coming together almost always involves eating together—and learning how to host a dinner party at home will help you bring together your loved ones for a great time. But, hosting is much easier said than done. By taking on this mantle, you’ll need to make sure you cover the essentials, and for those who are new to dinner hosting, we’ve covered some of the more basic steps to help get your dinner party off the ground: 

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Decide who you’re inviting to your party 

If this is your first dinner party, we suggest inviting about four to six guests so you can start small and test out your hosting skills. Remember, a dinner party is an intimate gathering, so make sure to invite people that you’re excited to connect with. Sending out your invites around a month ahead gives everyone enough time to clear their schedules and plan for your party. 

Plan your menu thoughtfully 

From dietary restrictions to endless options, planning out a menu for your dinner party can become a bit overwhelming. If this is your first time, we suggest by starting off with some small bites as everyone arrives, and then cook a main course you are familiar with so you can reduce any potential kitchen disasters. 

Set the ambiance

Now that you have a stylish dinnerware set, you should create an ambiance to match. Try decorating the table with fresh flowers, light-scented candles, and even hanging some dazzling lights across the wall or ceiling to set the mood for a relaxing evening. We also encourage you to develop a theme or style for your dinner party, this will help cultivate a uniform aura and will give you a better direction when finding decorations. 

Take time to enjoy your party 

When it comes to hosting, it can be difficult to really pause and enjoy the moment. Eating together is a special time, and if you blink, you could miss it. You don’t want to be sitting at the table thinking about cleaning, so it’s best to have a plan before everyone arrives. We suggest cleaning up right when you feel people are finished and starting to leave the table. This way, no dishes are left lying around and you can take care of things quickly—giving you more time to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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If you’re planning on orchestrating your own dinner party, then you’ll need a dinnerware set that’s both functional and stylish. Making every moment of eating together count, starts with setting the table for success. From our Rae Dunn dinner plates and ceramic dinner plates to our farmhouse style dinnerware sets  and lavish home goods, Rae Dunn collections will always give your dining table an extra shine. 

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The Benefits of Ceramic Dinner Plates

Exceptionally lightweight, durable, and smooth to the touch, our unique handmade ceramic dinnerware provides classic, yet timeless dinnerware options. Once coated, ceramic items don’t recolor or lose their shine. Plus, ceramic plates increase protection from stains and scratches, so your dinnerware set will stay nice and shiny, and last much longer than others.  

A stylish twist on contemporary designs, our dinner sets provide that splash of charm that will help elevate your dinner party’s ambience. Check out some of our options and begin planning your dinner party today.

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