How To Make Valentine's Day Special At Home


This Valentine’s Day whether you are married, taken, or single, Magenta wants to show you how to celebrate the best 2021 Valentine's Day without leaving your house. 

we have compiled lots of Valentine’s celebration ideas to help you make the most of this intimate holiday to cherish and celebrate the ones you love the most. And, while the guest list might just be limited to the people who you already live with, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate in style.

From a Valentine’s dinner for two to a fun Galentine's Day celebration with the roomies, there are so many ways to make this V-Day a special one. So without further ado let the Valentine’s Day celebration planning begin.

First things first,


Farmhouse valentines decor

Whether it’s a house or your apartment, transforming your space for hosting is key to throwing a successful Valentine’s Day bash. Knowing how much space you have will help you gauge what size party will fit in your home. We advise planning your party around the available space in your home. Once you have calculated that space, you can determine what time of the day, what type of setting, and what kind of hors d'oeuvres will be needed to execute a seamless party plan.

Intimate Snail Mail

This year scratch the invitations and instead utilize this extra time to create sentimental love notes to all your special quarantine valentines. This is a fun and intimate way to remind the people around you how much you truly love them and care.

Galentines day party ideas

 If you love crafting we suggest taking a sentimental approach and making your own invites with an authentic twist. Circling back from the holidays once again Rae Dunn's Imprint Alphabet Stamp Set  is a perfect way to add a special touch to personalizing your handmade Valentines. 

Celebration Idea no. 1 Galentine's Celebration

If you are unfamiliar with this holiday, we like to refer to TV Show character Leslie Knope's quote from Parks and Rec, "it's only the best day of the year." On February 13th women from all over use Galentine's Day, as an official day to celebrate women, friendships, and utilize this time to drink an overflowing amount of Rosé


You can’t talk Galentine’s Day party ideas without talking décor. We styled our Galentine’s Day party using Amy Hamley's Palm Desert collection to create a soft and elegant look. Palm Desert is feminine, simplistic and a great complimentary collection for pink and red color contrast. 

Valentines dinner for two


We recommend using Palm Desert's Serving Tray  to serve your guests a pairing of rosé and raspberries as your guests arrive. We filled Amy Hamley's pitcher with a bouquet of Valentine's Day inspired roses for a festive table centerpiece.

Palm Desert's Cheeseboard is a nice charcuterie board for cheeses and small bites. Turn your Galentine's day party into a brunch by incorporating a DIY Lox bagel bar and add Tapas Trays to separate toppings like cappers, red onions, parsley, and dill. 

Valentines gift guide for him

 Use Amy Hamley's Luncheon Plates for showcasing heart shaped candies or Red Velvet cupcakes for a side of something sweet. 

Rae dunn valentines

 String up lights or add Luminaries  to your table to set the tone of your party setting. If you already have Amy Hamley's Planters be sure to either bring some nature to the party or use them for a place to temporarily hold gift bags and Valentines.

 Have a complimentary coffee station as an option for guests to indulge. With quality coffee, flavored syrups, and fun novelty coffee accessories you have an easy self serve coffee bar so as a host you can focus more on entertaining and not barista-ing.

Here are a few items we love to incorporate into any brunch coffee bar:

Icon Coffee Drip Espresso System
Palm Desert Cream + Sugar Set 
Palm Desert Tumblers 
Icon Sugar & Spices Shaker 

 Be sure to have a milk frother on hand to add a nice ending touch.

 Here are some recipes for hosting a Galentine’s Brunch: 


Lox DIY Bar

Celebration Idea no. 2 An Intimate Dinner for Two 

Celebrate your special someone with a formal evening complete with farmhouse Valentine’s decor and tableware from Rae Dunn. Valentine’s gets a sleek and sophisticated spin with Rae Dunn’s Heritage and Stem Print Collection, which are the perfect aesthetic for any urban city apartment or loft.  

 We suggest starting off with the Icon Wood Serving Board to place red roses to make a perfect conversational centerpiece. Set the vibes with Rae’s Stem Print 'Chill' Wine Cooler  this stoneware is perfect for pinot Grigio or a nice white chilled wine. Looking to pair your menu with red wine instead? Rae Dunn's 'Pour' Pitcher is a perfect piece for serving up a rich Pinot Noir sangria to really get the party started. 

You can never go wrong with a warm crisp French baguette and rich balsamic and olive oil as a starter everyone will devour. Citrine's Entertaining Pieces go great with with Rae's Stem Print collection for a farm to table romantic setting. Pasta is every girl’s comfort food so why not serve a rich pasta dish at this year's Galentine's Day dinner. We suggest complimenting your dinner party dishes with Amy Hamley’s Palm Desert Plates in Black.

And of course, don't forget to add rose petals to your overall table spread for final finishing touches—or to go all out on dessert! (Our recommendation: a decadent chocolate cake served with strawberries and whipped cream.)

Celebration Idea no. 3 Give The Perfect Gift 

A host always leaves the best impression on her guests! Giving gifts is a sweet way to thank your friends, family, or significant other for attending your event. Here are a few Magenta inspired gifts straight from our favorite Valentine’s gift guide for him and Valentine’s gift guide for her picks:

Here are a few Magenta inspired gift ideas:

Stationary Pouches


Serveware + Entertaining Gifts 

Heritage Icon Leather Journals

Let's Put a Bow on it and, Wrap it Up...

Be sure to download a great Spotify playlist to set the mood. And make memorable moments by talking about shared memories and experiences. We hope you have a lovely 2021 Valentine's Day ladies, and happy hosting!

xoxo - Magenta


S H O P   O U R   V A L E N T I N E ' S    D A Y   G I F T  S H O P

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