4 Styling Tips for Holiday Tablescaping

With Christmas, just days away, and our gatherings more intimate, our holiday cheer is all more the merrier. What better way to host a festive dinner for the ones you love the most than with a decorative tablescape. A holiday tablescape can easily elevate your space and bring special memories to your table.Cozy Christmas table decor is the mood for this year’s holiday decorations. This Christmas tablescape consists of natural decor elements, neutral colors, and organic textures. The table is simple, elegant, and uses modern place settings and nature-inspired centerpieces to bring this aesthetic alive. Not only does this table-setting work for Christmas dinner but for morning brunch and to have as a winter centerpiece leading up to the New Year.

This year @carey_bears graciously invited us into her home (digitally) to show us how she styled Citrine's newest Canyon collection as centerpieces for this year’s holiday tablescape. Here are a few styling tips to help your holiday tablescaping go smooth this year. 

01 Natural Elements

Bringing nature’s elements indoors allows you to bring the Winter season into your own home for a neutral base to work with. Adding pinecones and dried bunny tails add layers and texture to your tablescape. Decorative plume grasses or a more contemporary non-traditional pampas grass are perfect natural accents that can be great fillers for vases or to incorporate into your table's centerpiece. 


Canyon Clay Flower Vase 


02 Textures

Textures from rich earthenware, woven linens, and textured glass add dimension and contrast to your tablescape. Differing textures keep your table from looking flat and lackluster. Add a crepe runner, wooden elements, festive shapes, clay accessories, and metallic flatware for a well-balanced look. The layers of material will be a great juxtaposition. 



03 Pops of Color

By using neutral elements, adding pops of color can be a fun way to make things festive. Pops of color throughout your tablescape will add a wow factor, especially non-traditional colors such as amber and rich rustic tones. Try including a monochromatic color scheme with one color and incorporate it throughout with different glassware, dinnerware, and accessories like candlestick holders to set your scape apart from the rest! 

04 Varying Heights

A perfect tablescape is all about dimensions and depth. One table setting mistake is having all of your table accessories be the same height. Create dimensions by adding objects of varying height to your dinner table. Use candlesticks of different heights, and staggering the heights of floral arrangements. Make sure your heights aren't too high so guests’ views are not blocked across the dinner table, but make sure they are balanced with your background environment including wall decor and your Christmas tree to enhance the overall look and feel of the room.


Canyon Ceramic Candle Holder

Tag us in your own holiday tablescaping tips and tricks for a chance to be featured, we love your inspiration and are always looking for new ideas to try! Happy tablescaping and more importantly, happy holidays!

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