With Christmas just around the corner, what better way is there to host a festive dinner for the ones you love than with some decorative tablescape and holiday decor trends in 2021? These tablescape ideas can easily elevate your space and bring special memories to your table this holiday season.

Cozy Christmas decor trends and holiday table decorating ideas have changed drastically in 2021. This year’s tablescape combines new, bright colors over traditional reds & greens, and focuses heavily on farmhouse Christmas table decor for styling. In 2021, the table is simple, elegant, and utilizes rustic themed modern accessories to bring this farmhouse aesthetic alive. Here are a few styling tips to help your holiday tablescaping go smooth this year.


In 2021, say goodbye to the standards and reinvent the way we express ourselves during the holidays. This includes a shift in colors, veering away from reds & greens (though they’re not obsolete), and instead incorporating colorful, pastel and neon-hued holiday decor. Whether it’s flecked pink wreaths, metallic ornaments, and abstract holiday cards, these color trends seem to bring new life in otherwise redundant styling areas.

Farmhouse christmas table decor


Nothing speaks more to the holidays than a cozy and comfortable setting, and in 2021, tablescape and decorating trends have ventured back a few decades. With farmhouse aesthetics making a statement, incorporating natural and rustic pieces to your home can really shine through. Consider pieces like wooden crates, vintage sleds, natural wood table-settings and other bucolic decorum to carry that charm throughout the holiday season. This farmhouse focus also provides a huge selection to choose from when it comes to simple Christmas centerpieces for tables.

Holiday table decorating ideas


Go crazy this year and mix up some fun and fancy pieces to bring a revitalized look to your home decor. Combining bright colors like pinks and purples with gold accents is the best way to bring fun while keeping things on par for those fancier events. This also means thinking outside of the box—bright scarfs as table runners, broken terracotta pots as name cards, even cute and fun felt ornament sets—2021 is all about tapping into pleasure and enjoyment, while keeping things fresh and exciting.

Cozy christmas decor


What better way to style your holiday decor than with a bundle set that does the work for you? These home decor bundles are the perfect way to incorporate all the newest trends in one easy selection, and offer a variety of pieces that cater to whatever specific style you’re aiming for. Think funky and vibrant with this colorful Deck the Halls set, or take on the rustic look with this Autumn Table bundle. These bundles are strapped with statement pieces that can be easily adapted to whichever holiday thematic best suits your style.