Summer is an ideal time for a refresh that extends to your home. So, where do you start? How about with new pieces for the perfect farmhouse-chic tablescape, including decor and serveware ready to impress at summer holidays, parties, and casual get-togethers. 

A tablescape is an intentional design for a tabletop centered around a particular theme or aesthetic. And choosing high-quality farmhouse decor for your summer table is a great way to curate your tablescape and source pieces that you know you’ll be able to use for many years. 

As for what the ideal summer tablescape looks like, that’s up to you – but you can never go wrong with timeless farmhouse drinkware, serveware, dinnerware, and entertaining decor.

Because summer farmhouse style is all about simplicity, look for both beautiful and versatile pieces that can be used and reused for all sorts of seasonal occasions. You can extend this same approach as you establish an entire farmhouse collection for your kitchen, looking for classic, quality pieces for cooking, baking, measuring, and food storage. 

Please keep reading for more tips on cultivating your summer tablescape, including our best farmhouse table decor ideas featuring elevated pieces from Rae Dunn. 

Farmhouse Tabletop Decor: Choose the Right Drinkware 

You only have so much cabinet space, so we recommend stocking up on everyday drinkware that works with your summer tablescape but can also be used year-round. 

Essential drinkware pieces you’ll want to be sure to have on hand include water glasses, wine glasses, and cocktail glasses for refreshing summer drinks like Pimm’s cups or frosè. Note that certain specialty drinks require special drinkware to go along with them. For example, a Fourth of July strawberry daiquiri is best served in a coupe glass, and a midsummer Moscow mule isn’t the same without a copper mug. 

Along with drinkware, pick out a large pitcher or carafe you can use for big-batch cocktails and mocktails on the table. Sticking to a simplistic farmhouse style means you’ll have a serving vessel for any summertime drink, and you can also use the pitcher or carafe again over the cozy winter holidays. 

Shabby Chic Dinnerware & Serveware

Rustic Table Settings

We love a no-fuss meal for summer entertaining, especially when paired with no-fuss decorative serveware. As with drinkware, farmhouse-style serveware is versatile enough to pair with any interior design style and season, all while being especially well-suited to summer tablescapes.

Depending on the event, you may need as many as three types of plates for your basic dinnerware selection: a charger, a dinner plate, and a salad plate. These are usually coordinated, so buying them in a set makes sense. The Rae Dunn Sentiment collection is one of our favorites and includes those three essential types of plates, including bread plates, crudo bowls, and serveable ramekins. 

For serveware, look for pieces that do double duty since they need to be functional enough for serving food and stylish enough to warrant a permanent place on the table. The serveware items to consider for summer entertaining include cutlery, carving sets, and serving bowls and platters. 

Remember that various serveware pieces serve different purposes, so you’ll need an assortment. Pick out a large bowl for salad (wood is a good material for summer) with coordinating small bowls for serving the salad (these can also work as dessert bowls if you’re opting for a salad plate instead). From there, you’ll need serving boards, a few well-sized cheese boards, platters, trays, and general serving dishes.

Must-Have Decor for Rustic Table Settings

Summer Farmhouse Decor

When it comes to designing a stunning farmhouse tablescape, even the tiny details are going to have a significant impact. This applies to classic tabletop decor like napkins and napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, placemats, and cruets, which need to do more than look pretty. It also applies to decorative items like small bud vases, large vases for fuller floral arrangements, and candle holders

When choosing your rustic table decor, think about how each item pairs with your serveware and the other items on your tablescape. Sticking to a farmhouse style for all of your pieces ensures that they create a cohesive theme, and it also provides you with individually stand-out pieces that can be mixed and matched when the occasion calls for it.  

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Table Setting

Farmhouse Chic Tablescape

We’ve covered all the pieces you’ll need for your farmhouse tablescape, so let’s talk about how to put it together. 

The first thing to remember when decorating your table is that you want people to be able to sit down and eat. This requires that you strike just the right balance and avoid clutter in favor of functionality

Follow these additional tips as you design your tablescape, so you end up with a table that looks beautiful and allows for seamless entertaining:

Gather inspiration – Search images of farmhouse tablescapes on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram to get inspired and to use as a guide as you plan out your own table setting. 
Layer – A lot of layering goes into a tablescape, starting with a tablecloth, runner, or placemats to anchor your settings in place. Your serveware and dinnerware are then layered on top of this base, as are your decorative elements.  Start in the center – Work your way from the center out, putting together your centerpiece first (flowers, candles, mason jars, and string lights are all summer staples) and then moving outwards onto plates, drinkware, and cutlery. Plan to subtly adjust your centerpiece as you go, adding items, removing items, or changing up the placement of items as needed.  Set your table appropriately – There’s an art to place settings, from how you layer your plates to how you arrange your cutlery. Stick to the formula if you’re going formal, researching appropriate placements so you can be sure everything is situated correctly.  Make it personal – A personal element is always a welcome touch on a tablescape. Handwritten place cards or tiny take-home gifts at each setting will make your event more memorable and are guaranteed to make your guests feel special

Summer Farmhouse Decor and Other Kitchen Essentials 

Farmhouse Table Decor Ideas

Your farmhouse collection will almost certainly extend beyond entertaining essentials, including cookware, bakeware, food containers, and storage. These might not be on your tablescape but are just as crucial for kitchen efficiency. 

The farmhouse style, with its artisan quality and heavy use of durable materials like ceramic and glass, is just right for these types of kitchen items. And since the kitchen is where you probably spend the most time in your home, it’s worth putting extra thought into the pieces you choose, opting for items that create the bright, happy, and inviting kitchen you’d expect to find in a farmhouse-inspired home. 

For a quick summer revamp, take the time to enhance your bakeware and cookware essentials so you’re well-stocked for both fruity summer crumbles and the comfort food casseroles to come in the colder months. And if you could use some more organization (and let’s be honest, who couldn’t?), farmhouse food storage containers are the most stylish way to do it. Use them to finally get your pantry in order, or to set up snack drawers for easy bites in between beach outings and park meet-ups.

Hosting the Ultimate Summer Soiree

What does every perfect summer dinner party have in common? Great food, great decor, and great vibes, of course. 

Take your time with your guest list, and send out invites at least three weeks before your event so people can arrange their schedules. Put equal amounts of care into your menu, selecting summer-friendly dishes that fit the occasion and you know you can pull off.

Don’t forget about ambiance. Setting the perfect tablescape is obviously a big part of this, but you need to set the mood in the larger space you’re entertaining in too, adding unique touches to your dining room or patio to go along with your overall theme. 

And make a point to have fun! A lot of work goes into planning a summer event, and you deserve to sit back and relax with your guests while also playing host.

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