Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Kitchen

If you’re looking to transform your home’s décor, then these farmhouse décor ideas for the kitchen are an excellent place to start.

Farmhouse décor is classic, timeless, and endlessly versatile. It’s also particularly well-suited to the kitchen, where it can easily transform the space in terms of style and functionality. And while the most important thing when decorating is to focus on high-quality and long-lasting home décor, opting for farmhouse kitchen decor is a great way to keep it crisp and simple. Additionally, it ensures your new pieces will complement other decorative pieces in your home.

Need some inspiration on where to start? We’re sharing some of our top picks for styling modern farmhouse kitchen accessories, including some of Rae Dunn’s newest pieces from her Stem Print Collection that are perfect for making effortless improvements to your space.

What to Look for in Modern Kitchenware

There’s a reason why the classic farmhouse aesthetic has remained so popular for so long.

Unlike overly trendy décor styles, farmhouse is all about clean lines, neutral color palettes, and quality craftsmanship. The results are accessories that elevate your home’s décor in all the right ways..

Modern kitchenware

As you shop for modern farmhouse décor for your kitchen, some of the features that you’ll want to look for include:

  • Versatility – You only have so much counter and cabinet space, so look for items you can use in multiple ways or on numerous occasions.
  • Functionality – Seek out things you can use (and have a use for). Bonus points for multi-functional products, such as durable bakeware that doubles as stylish serveware.
  • Quality – Most often, farmhouse décor is made from ceramic, stoneware, wood, or glass, all of which are materials that can hold up for the long haul so long as you take proper care of them. Buying these sorts of high-quality items is essential to designing a long-lasting kitchen you’ll love forever.

Kitchen Farmhouse Décor Ideas

If you want some simple ways to freshen up your kitchen with farmhouse décor, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to stocking a vast selection of  lifestyle home décor for your kitchen and beyond, we also have plenty of ideas for making quick but impactful farmhouse upgrades to your home. Here are some of our top tips.

Idea #1: Mix and Match

So long as you stick to a general style point of view, you can enjoy playing around with colors, textures, and materials. Keep farmhouse as your focus while shopping for new kitchen décor, but don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons within that category and buy what speaks to your soul rather than just what comes in the same set.

Idea #2: Bring in Some Old with the New

Farmhouse is naturally rooted in antique aesthetics. This is an excellent way to go if you’re a fan of vintage pieces. Add context to your new décor by positioning it around old pieces you’ve found in antique stores—such as a  Rae Dunn utensil crock stocked with vintage wooden spoons.

Idea #3: Opt for Decorative Storage

Just because an item is for storage doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning to look at. Decorative farmhouse storage containers bring a ton of personality to your countertops, all while serving a functional purpose as a place to keep everything from dry pasta to salt to cookies.

Idea #4: Start a Collection

Is there an item you just can’t get enough of? Choose a place in your kitchen for a farmhouse collection display and show off your favorite pieces. Mugs, bud vases, or pitchers are all worthy collectibles and will be great to pull from the next time you’re decorating for an at-home event.

Keeping your kitchen décor up to date with items that match the interior design of the rest of your space is a must for tying together your home’s décor and creating a great experience for your family and guests. So shop  Magenta for farmhouse décor, and try out the ideas above for minor but beautiful upgrades in your kitchen.