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Welcome Hello!Lucky

Our newest partners Hello!Lucky are known for their bright greeting cards, bedding and much more. We’re proud to announce new designs in collaboration with sisters, Eunice and Sabrina. These energetic co-founders have cleverly distilled their childhood experience growing up in Asia, surrounded by the lively pop culture and supported by creative, pun-loving family, into to their very first home collection of tabletop items and desk accessories.

Founded on the premise that creativity, humor, encouragement and kindness are the keys to a happy life, Hello!Lucky’s whimsical offerings are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and color to your home. We invite you to learn more about the inspirations behind their newest collection, Live Life Happy.   

Hello!Lucky Magenta

Q & A with Hello!Lucky

Over the years Magenta has worked with female artists that have a clear vision, are creative and want to share that vision with the world. Which is why when Hello!Lucky partnered with us we felt it was the perfect fit. Here we chat with both Eunice and Sabrina about their background, inspirations, and designing the new collection.

Magenta: Describe where you grew up and how you got connected with art. 

Hello!Lucky: “We grew up in Burma, Libya, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Our family was always very artistic. Our mom is very crafty and loved to sew; and our grandmother, who lived with us, did Chinese brush painting; and two of our aunts were artists; and most of our family is musical. We also got exposed through seeing the ways that different cultures where we lived were expressed through the arts.”


Magenta: What made you fall in love with illustration?

Hello!Lucky: “We’ve always loved great design and illustration, starting with the picture books that we read as children (one of our favorites was a book called Tiger Flower, something of an inspiration for our Magenta collection!). We love how illustration can create feelings and express ideas and insights about life.  We love the idea of helping people bring joy into their homes through our products.”

Hello!Lucky Magenta

Magenta: Describe your work in a few words…

Hello!Lucky: "Exuberant, playful, and on-trend."


Magenta: Can you tell us about your art background?

Eunice: “I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil and have degrees in illustration, print making, and fashion design.”

Sabrina: “I’ve always loved to draw, write, sing, and act. I have a degree in art history with a minor in studio art.”

Hello!Lucky Magenta


Magenta: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your business?

Hello!Lucky"The most rewarding thing is getting to channel our creativity into products that are used by all kinds of people in the real world. This feels like an immense privilege and is very humbling. We do our best to keep our customers in mind and give them designs and products that will truly improve their lives in some small way."


Magenta: Where can you be found when you’re not working?

Hello!Lucky: “Spending time with our children, making time for friends and family, reading, dancing or going for walks, traveling.”

Hello!Lucky Magenta

Fill in the Blank...

My most prized possession is ____
Sabrina: A gold necklace with a circular pendant that reminds me to stay centered. I wear it almost every day!
Eunice: A gold necklace that says Maman.

If I wasn’t an artist I’d be ____
Sabrina: A teacher.
Eunice: A costume or set designer (or if reality weren’t an issue, a dancer!)

The next place I want to travel is ___
Sabrina: Japan.
Eunice: Senegal.

Happiness is ___
Hello!Lucky: a state of being.

A great day begins with___
Sabrina: Meditation and a hot cup of black coffee.
Eunice: A shot of espresso and a hug from my husband.

I’m proud of___
Hello!Lucky: My sister.

My dream dinner party guests include ____
Hello!Lucky: The Dalai Llama, Desmond Tutu, Gloria Steinem, Gangaji, Krista Tippett, Richard Rohr, Gabor Mate, Karamo Brown, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Schumer, Nicole Byer, Paul Rudd, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jon Lovett, our husbands and our closest friends.

"Children are a huge source of inspiration for us, for their positivity, creativity, and energy. We love designing things that bring families together, which is why we are super excited about our Magenta collection.” - Hello!Lucky

The Live Life Happy Collection

Images by Magenta

The new collection features fantastic illustrations of animals, flowers, and banners that translate playfully onto a diverse assortment of products.

Hello!lucky Magenta

Serves You Right!

Light-hearted, lightweight ceramic trays and squared condiment bowls will have you planning your next party in no time. From a drip cone filter to mugs, platters, and containers, we have you covered when it comes to fun with food. Just add polished brass-plated spoons and start celebrating. 


Hello!Lucky Magenta

Bake It ‘Til You Make It!

Sweetly decorated ceramic mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons, and spoon rests bring folly to the functional. Perfect for anyone who wants to bring some fun into their baking.


Hello Lucky

Deck Out Your Desk

This collection covers all your desk decoration needs from poured, scented candles, vases that double as holders, fabric pouches for pencils, and organization trays. Keep glass marks off surfaces with a useful set of coasters.