When it comes to self-care, DIY ideas can be just as effective and enjoyable as hour-long yoga classes or splurge-worthy spa days. And the more you practice self-care at home, the more you realize just how easy it is to prioritize wellness in your everyday life.

Everyone could benefit from a little (or a lot) more self-care. To help you do it, we’re sharing some of our favorite DIY self-care ideas, including quick home transformations that make it a more relaxing place to be.

Fun self-care activities you can do at home

Whether it’s your body that needs a self-care pick-me-up or your social life, here are DIY options you can start to incorporate into your daily or weekly routines.

For your mind

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Every morning, write down three things that you’re grateful for. It will help you see the good in your life and start to actively seek out more of what makes you happy.
  • Be your own best friend. You’re with yourself 24/7, so you may as well be kind. Any time you notice self-focused negativity, call yourself out and reframe it into something positive—eventually, it will become second nature to do so.

Fun self-care activities

For your body

  • Eat a balanced diet. You don’t need to drink expensive juices to get more self-care, but you do need to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of water. Still indulge, but make sure you’re enjoying fruits, veggies, and whole grains too.
  • Let the sunshine in. Open up those blinds and take in some rays. Exposure to natural sunlight helps you produce more vitamin D, and it can also give you more energy throughout the day.

How to transform your space

For your soul

  • Treat yourself. Set up a solo date night, dressing up in something that makes you feel good, ordering in from your favorite restaurant, and putting on a movie you’ve been meaning to watch. Glass of champagne optional, but recommended!
  • Fill your home with flowers. It’s incredibly revitalizing to see things bloom around us. Surround yourself with flowers and plants and experience what a difference it can make on a spiritual level. 

Easy decluttering tips

For your social life

  • Keep in touch. Our connections are important to us, and they’re worth nurturing. Reach out to friends and family members, especially if it’s been awhile.
  • Get a penpal. Getting a letter in the mail just feels great, and so does writing and sending one. Ask around to see if anyone wants to be pen pals and then buy pretty stamps and stationary and get pen to paper.

diy self care ideas

How to transform your space for self care

Home is where the heart is, so it makes sense that it’s where self-care starts. Here are some quick things you can do to feel better at home, plus easy decluttering tips to clear your space—and your mind.

Self care diy ideas

Create a self-care space

Pick a place in your home that you feel most comfortable and rejuvenate it with self-care in mind. Add a comfy blanket and a calming scent with a candle or diffuser. Then add in some things that just make you feel good, such as books, artwork, or some favorite plants.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Instead of going to the spa, make your own. Swap in a rain showerhead and tie some eucalyptus leaves up near the top. Add candles, fragrance, and soft towels, and your bathroom will become a place of true relaxation.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter is the opposite of self-care. Donate, recycle, or toss things that don’t serve you anymore, and make more conscious purchases so you only bring things into your home that do. Some tips for doing it: ask yourself how an item makes you feel before deciding if it should stay or go, and invest in smart storage so everything you keep has its place.

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