As we are halfway through 2020, this year has taught us a lot. It has taught us how to cherish the simple things. Including, spending time with family, nature's subtleties, and most importantly, how to love. One thing that brings us all together is sharing food together.

The #EatTogether campaign signifies both eating at home and eating together. It is to remind us all that sharing a meal with the ones we keep the closest is one way we can all get through this together. Eating as a family helps handle the stresses of daily life and the hassles of day-to-day existence. Some of the fondest memories we have are made around the table. The purpose of a family dinner may differ from family to family. One family might value good manners at the dinner table; while others might value listening and connecting to one another.

According to Stanford University, studies have shown that eating as a family strengthens relationships, and leads to healthier food choices. It also gives families the chance to explore new foods, relieves stress, and generates happiness.   

“The act of eating together is very simple, yet the positive impacts are significant,” says Uwe Stueckmann, the senior vice president of Loblaw supermarkets. “We know moments and memories are created while sharing meals together, conversations are created with our children, healthier meals are eaten, and we leave the table happier and more connected with the ones we love.” In a world so disconnected right now, we can strive to stay connected through the art of cooking and food.

Rae Dunn's newest collection is the epitome of sentimental moments, and simplistic home dining. This exclusive collection of stoneware entertaining dishes feature a nostalgic quote or word in Rae’s own handwriting pressed into a transparent, creamy glaze. When displayed together, the plates form a poem of sorts.

 "I have always had a penchant for words and handwriting. So much today is communicated digitally that actual handwriting is slowly becoming a lost art. It only makes me want to communicate and create by hand that much more. This tactile collection was inspired by my love of nature and a simpler time. I wanted to evoke an old world charm and nostalgia that are basic to each of us and connect us to our roots. Like a poetic handwritten ink-stained letter you might have found in your grandmother's attic."  — Rae Dunn

How does food bring your loved ones together?

"I grew up in a restaurant so for me, meals were always a time where nourishment and relationships came together. Our family had dinner together every single night and I’ve carried on this tradition as an adult. Sitting around a table with people I love, talking, laughing, and savoring a delicious meal is when I feel the most nourished, both emotionally and physically."

How will you use the Sentiment collection in your home? Tapas? Brunch?

"My Sentiment collection is based on the earth, nature, and being outside. I plan on using these dishes for small meals, tapas, and simple snacks in the backyard – or sitting on the front stoop as I watch the world go by."

What is your ultimate favorite food?

"I have too many favorite foods to even begin thinking about, but I can truly say that I’ve never met a food that I didn’t like!"

Have you been cooking a lot during SIP if so, what recipes have you tried?

"Yes, we have been cooking ALL of our meals at home. Since I haven’t been going to the market as often, it’s been a fun challenge to figure out what to make with whatever is left in the fridge and pantry without leaving the house. It’s a great way to push my creativity in the kitchen and I have been pleasantly surprised on numerous occasions."

What meaning do you want Sentiment to bring to everyone’s personal tables?

"I hope that my Sentiment collection will bring a sense of togetherness, thoughtfulness, and comfort to people, especially during these very trying times. I want these pieces to evoke a feeling, a thought, or a conversation as they are being used." 

Will you be trying any #RaeDunnRecipes? 

"ABSOLUTELY. I am always game for trying out a new recipe. YUM!"

What does each Sentiment quote mean to you?

"I am deeply influenced by nature, wildlife, flora and fauna. I feel the most grounded and creative when I am out in nature or tending to my garden. These random quotes are snippets of my ongoing dialogue with the natural world around me." 

Sentiment is a dinnerware collection meant for everyday use and formal gatherings. Dine casually or make a lasting impression on guests during the holidays. Set the table with a dinnerware collection that captures meaningful memories. For those who love color, consider pairing these pieces with vibrant food choices. Keep the focus on your plate setting by layering the table with simple linens— and cloth napkins in neutral tones to ensure all eyes stay on the dishware. To convey a coastal look, set the table with muted cool tones instead. Enhance the aesthetic of the Sentiment dinnerware set with fresh picked flowers or dried wheat furnishing for a farmhouse look and feel. Whatever your style may be, this dinnerware set is a versatile dining accessory.
If you prefer a timeless approach that functions all year-round, the Sentiment Collection serves as quality dishware that lasts. The different sized plates, and bowls allow you to experiment with colorful textiles as seasons change. In the spring, bring color to the tablescape with fresh florals and linens. During the holidays use place-mats and brass eatery to establish a festive aesthetic. We personally love this look for outdoor tapas or Summer picnic table dining. This new collection by Rae Dunn delivers artisanal appeal to the dining room and hand crafted design. No matter what style you choose, consider care, the Sentiment collection is dishwasher-safe, making dinner cleanup convenient so you can spend more time connecting than cleaning. 
To make things fun, we compiled all of your beautiful #RaeDunnRecipes into one entire cookbook. Recipes include, cakes, pasta dishes, cocktails and some of Rae Dunn's personal dishes to try! Perfect new recipes to download and share with friends. Don't stop cooking during these unprecedented times. Get those creative juices flowing and bake it 'til you make it.
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