Spring has sprung, and with Mother’s Day now right around the corner, we’ve gathered a list of all the best mother’s day gift ideas for 2021. Finding the right gift to show your mom the admiration, respect, and love that you have for her can feel like a bit of a challenge. This guide will help you find the perfect gift to give to your mom on her special day. Whether you’re trying to add something special to her current hobby or provide some inspiration to try something new, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve even included a few of Kate Hudson’s top picks from People Magazine since we all know she has amazing taste.

Decorative Gifts For Your Mom

Gardening gifts for her

Is your mom the type of person who is always restyling her home or takes joy in finding the perfect pieces to help others decorate their new houses? Maybe she likes to unwind with a glass of wine while watching a bit of HGTV? Decorative gifts for the moms who have a knack and a passion for interior design are not only functional and exciting to receive, but they also show that you understand what brings her joy.

Flowers are a common add-on to Mother’s Day gifts, which makes vases fantastic gifts for home décor lovers – they go together perfectly! A simple and elegant vase is great for a mom with a keen sense of interior design. This Stem Print Grow Vase by Magenta and Rae Dunn is sure to match any home décor style, and our Citrine Marmo Vases are perfect for bringing a clean and minimalistic look to your space. Other excellent options for a lady who loves sprucing up her home are hand towels, tasteful pieces to decorate the bathroom, and anything for the kitchen!

The Perfect Gifts For The Home Chef

Decorative gifts for mom

Speaking of kitchens, a home chef is only as great as the tools they are using to whip up a delicious family dinner. Moms who find joy in cooking and hosting family dinners need quality tools and elegant serving pieces to complete a home cooked meal. If your mom runs the kitchen like a chef at a five-star restaurant, finding a gift that she can pair with her passion will delight her. Citrine is simple, gorgeous, and looks great anywhere in the home, especially in the kitchen. It’s sturdy but feminine and is great to use for serving and showcasing food.

Our Marmo Marble Board and Monterey Serving Board look amazing as a decorative base or even a fresh take on a charcuterie board. There are so many options for finding the perfect gift for the home chef – serving boards, cheese cutters, the list is truly endless.

We’re also very excited to share that Kate Hudson featured our Zen Word Mugs by Rae Dunn and our Canyon Spice Jars in her latest Mother’s Day Gift Guide by People! Both of these unique kitchen must-haves would make a great gift for mom.

Gardening Gifts For Her

Mother's day gift ideas 2021

If your mom likes to spend her free time tending to her vegetable garden or creating beautiful bouquets to liven up the entryway table, then a gardening gift for her is a fantastic option. Gardening requires a great deal of time, energy, and love to create those perfectly vibrant and inviting flowers that people love to see. Why not gift your mom something just as lovely to show off her plants? This Optic Orb Vase is a unique and elegant shape perfect for creating centerpieces or accents to her home.

For The Coffee-Powered Moms

Coffee-themed gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of your coffee-bean connoisseur. Mugs, roast spoons, and coffee bag clips are like little treasures for those with a soft spot for caffeine. They are also easy on the wallet. You’ll find plenty of great, budget-friendly coffee-related gifts here.

Gifts For Moms Who Love Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word used to describe a quality of coziness that brings feelings of content and well-being. Moms with an appreciation for hygge find it easy to see the joy and value in all of the little treasures that life has to offer. The most important part of hygge is creating a warm and inviting environment. Farmhouse gifts for mom are perfect for helping her create her perfect, cozy atmosphere. Rae Dunn and Citrine gifts lend very well to this simple yet inviting sense of style.

Ready to find the perfect gift for your mom? Browse our wide selection of unique springtime gifts under $25, $75, and $125, or explore our bundle and save options for an easy one stop shop. Happy shopping!