Easter Sunday is a special moment to spend with the ones we love the most. If you’re hosting a safe Easter gathering this year with your closest family, this  Easter tablescape by @Cafeathome will give you great decorating inspiration to make this year’s intimate Easter extra special. Here are six ways to master the ultimate Easter Farmhouse table setting. 

No.1 Incorporate Natural Linens

Farmhouse style, whether European or traditional, calls for linens made from natural materials. Think cotton or linen. Rae Dunn's Icon Linen Napkins give off a casual, crisp look that you just don’t get with synthetics.

icon napkins with stripes

Threads and textiles add the perfect texture to any tablescape. Transition your space from spring to summer with Rae's fresh linen. Each napkin includes an Icon pocket square to neatly place cutlery or decorative pieces for a well-set tablescape. Use elements of floral with a hemp tie to add a beautiful finishing touch. 

No. 2 Feature Farmhouse Flowers 

With Easter being so early this year, most of us won’t have flowers we can gather from our gardens. The next best thing is to grab a couple of bouquets from the grocery store. Divide them up into jars or vases, then stand back and admire the beauty. Simple and budget-friendly. 

Rae Dunn Grow Vase

Add loose flowers from your bouquet to your napkin placeholders to add splashes of color throughout your Spring tablescape. 

No. 3 Use a Simple Color Palette 

For a soft, neutral farmhouse feel, go with colors like eggshell white, beige, navy, and espresso tones. 

add splashes of color throughout in creative ways but keep it subtle or subdued with bright pastel colors.

No. 4 Add Some Rustic Charm!

Adding rustic elements to any table, even my most elegant ones definitely makes the table feel a little more relaxed and is more memorable. In this case, it’s especially important for keeping that farmhouse feel.

Rae Dunn Sentiment

Rae Dunn's newest collection Sentiment is full of rustic charm, and sentimental moments. Not only does it compliment your farmhouse look, but it elevates the overall entertaining experience. 

No. 5 Light Some Candles

Candles are a perfect way to tie everything together and had hight to your table. Play around with different shapes and sizes that fit well with your setting and watch your Spring tablescape unfold.

No. 6 Add Something Charming 

Our favorite part about setting any tablescape is to accessorize. Find cut and quirky pieces to fill in the spaces of your tablesetting. Things like candy dishes, coasters, and egg shaped objects are perfect to add the final touches to your Easter master piece. 

Be sure to share with us your own tablescaping ideas on our Instagram @magenta_inc. Happy Easter and good luck tablescaping. Now HOP to it!