Happy National Bake and Decorate Month! This year we are sharing the top national baking trends to try this Holiday season. Whether it's drinkable desserts or adding botanical elements, you're in for a real treat.

1. Cocktail Inspired Desserts

Who would have thought these two elements would ever blend together, but drinkable desserts are at the top of today’s national dessert menu. Cocktail-inspired spirits paired with classic traditional dessert flavors such as pies, cakes, and mousses are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of an over-21 and up crowd. These fun and flavorful dessert cocktails have endless variations and are a fun way to incorporate a touch of spice to any dessert table.

2. Savory Desserts

Salted caramel always comes to mind when you think of sweet and savory, but since then, this classic duo has evolved into a whole new trend! Learn to play with salty and sweet next time you’re experimenting in the kitchen, you might be pleasantly surprised.

3. Nutritional Benefits 

Desserts aren’t necessarily always associated with health benefits, although bakers of 21st century have demanded to have their cake and eat it too (with modifications, of course). In todays world it is not uncommon to see substitutes such as avocado ice cream, keto or paleo cakes, or “free” dessert options such as – gluten, lactose, sugar, and dairy. According to the Food Industry Association, The Power of Health and Well-Being in Food Retail 2020 has reportedly changed significantly since 2020, meaning Americans' definition of “healthy” are based upon individual family health goals. Experimenting with trends that offer healthy options at your next get-together is a great way to indulge guilt-free over the holidays.

4. Botanical Elements 

Botanical elements in desserts may seem like a bold new direction, but they trace back to ingredients a standard Victorian kitchen would have. Violets add beautiful embellishments to cakes, tarts, and tortes, and are easy to add a light sugar wash to paint on to desserts with a pastry brush for an elegant finish. The top progressive herb-infused delicacies in 2021 include:

  • Lavender/raspberry cheesecake
  • Rosemary and chocolate torte
  • Ganches crafted with herbs de Provence 

Be sure to try some of this year’s baking trends this season, and don’t forget to tag us. 

Happy National Baking Season!