SOLD OUT: Crown Salt + Pepper Shakers with Gift Box by Rae Dunn x Magenta

On November 15th, 2018 we re-released the Crown Salt + Pepper Shakers with Gift Box by Rae Dunn x Magenta in order to celebrate the launch of our eBay store.

The salt and pepper shakers were priced at $35 and was available in limited quantity and limited to 4 sets per person. However, most people who ordered only ordered 1-2 sets, therefore allowing more people to place orders for this special item. This was a limited edition item, and thus made in low quantities. Our plan was to release the salt and pepper shakers at 4:00pm PST to our subscribers and release the link to our social channels at 4:15pm PST. The item sold out in under 10 minutes and we didn't even have a chance to release it on social media.

We were so thrilled to bring back an old classic, and were floored by the interest of the item by the Rae Dunn x Magenta community. Thank you to each and every one of you for your feedback. We will keep your interests and comments in mind as we move forward with future releases.

Email List Subscribers

The eBay store link was sent out to our email subscribers first. You can sign up via our website. We did send the email in advance, however it did not hit some people's inbox until after 4:00 pm PST. This could be attributed to servers, internet connection and individual devices.

If you didn't receive the email, we recommend checking your junk folder for emails from us. When you sign up for our email list you should receive a "Welcome to the club" to confirm your subscription. If you have not received that email, please reach out to us and we can cross check to see if your email is on the list and spelled correctly. 

In the future we will be sending out the email link much farther in advance to account for any glitches and to give our subscribers equal opportunity. We apologize for any delay with the email delivery.


Future Releases

There will be two more special edition releases in the next two weeks. Both releases will happen in our eBay store found at:

We will be updating you to remind you of these releases as the dates approach

  • Exclusive release on Friday, 11/23/2018 (Black Friday) at 9:00am PST*
  • Exclusive release on Thursday, 11/29/2018 at 4:00 pm PST*

* Please note that all releases happen according to Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Thank you all for your continued support!