Your home is the most important place in the world. It is where life's moments happen and where your family's story is told. Each Magenta piece is designed by our roster of female artists to make everyday items special. We are here to make the process of turning your house into a simplified and sentimental home.

This Fall we worked with two new Social Media Ambassadors to see how they personally styled, photographed, and used our artisan collections in their homes. The result was beautiful imagery that captured the essence of the Artist's work within the setting of family homes.

We love working with these ambassadors because they have amazing photography skills and tell stories through their unique lives. Seeing our mugs being used for coffee in bed, feeding their family or making corners of their home more beautiful brought us so much joy. 

Read below to find out more about how Liz, and Jenifer, our Social Media Ambassadors for Fall 2019, incorporated the Magenta Boutique collections into their homes.





Jenifer Levinson

Instagram: @shiplapanddaytimenaps

"Being an ambassador for Magenta has been such an amazing experience, and I feel so lucky to have be chosen! After Hurricane Sandy, we had to completely rebuild our home here on Long Island. While it was incredibly difficult in the beginning, we now look at it as a blessing in disguise. We have now been able to create a home that completely speaks to who we are. In decorating our home, we look for unique pieces that fit our style of white, black, and wood on repeat with an element of green through the various plants we have in our home." 

Rae Dunn Stem Print

Jenifer's home shelving featuring the Palm Desert Cellars, and Stem Print Creamer + Sugar.

The Palm Desert Cellars from Amy Hamley Ceramics. 

Jenifer's home interior was something we were immediately attracted to. She describes it as "A modern farmhouse feel, as well as key elements of simplicity and elegance. The items from Magenta really fit into our decor, and enhance it as well! The cellars from Amy Hamley Ceramics are incredible. They are simple in design, but the gold accents and cork toppers give them a beautiful style and compelling contrast. We love them displayed on our open shelving for everyone to see. I just love that I was able to choose these."

 Plant Life by Angela Staehling

Jenifer displaying the Plant Life Tumbler.

Plant Life Angela Staehling

The Plant Life Notepad being used by Jenifer in her office. 

The Levinson home has been simple, clean and modern however she added in some pieces from the Plant Life Collection to incorporate pops of color and life into her office space. Jenifer says, "Angela Staehling's Plant Life pieces are beautiful as well! Magenta allowed me to choose the pieces that best fit our style and I just loved the small planters and notepad! They add a fun color accent to my home office! As a professional newborn photographer, I found it exciting to try something new. Capturing these beautiful items in my home has been amazing, sharing more of my home in ways I hadn't before. "

Rae Dunn Stem Print

The Rae Dunn Stem Print Utensil Tri-Set with Tray used to organize silverware. 

Rae Dunn Stem Print Creamer Sugar

The Rae Dunn Stem Print Creamer and Sugar Set



We also had Jenifer play with some of Rae Dunn's Stem Print line , since she is also a Rae Dunn fan. "Having been a collector for the past few years, it was an honor to capture images that both Magenta and Rae would love. I just love the simplicity of her designs and the Stem Print is now my favorite design of hers. It's just so uniquely Rae. The mugs we received are our go-to coffee mugs each morning! In addition to mugs, we also received a beautiful set to hold spoons, forks and knives, which has been great when we have large gatherings in our home. Everything is well made and classic in design, so we can enjoy it for years to come!


All of these products have really enhanced our decor. It makes me happy coming home each day to see all of these pretty pieces throughout our home!"


We love Jenifer's simple yet elevated style, her use of human elements in her photography and her eye for details. She appreciates each and every artist we work with and approaches all projects with enthusiasm. 


 Liz Marazzi Magenta Social Media Ambassador

Liz Marazzi

Instagram: @lizmarazzi

We were instantly drawn to Liz's instagram feed right when we came across it. She has a way of honing in on little details of a scene to tell a story within her home. The Marazzi's are a family of five, with a baby on the way. We loved seeing how Magenta products fit in within a family lifestyle and proved that they are both beautiful and made to last. Check out Liz's photos and thoughts below. 

"Being a Magenta Ambassador has been such a fun experience! Not only has it allowed me to grow with my photography skills, but also grow to love Magenta and the products they have to offer more and more ."


Rae Dunn Stem Print Liz Marazzi

The Rae Dunn Stem Print Hubby + Wifey Mug set

Rae Dunn Stem Print Liz Marazzi

The Rae Dunn Stem Print Nourish Bowl.

Some of our favorite images were the styled images Liz did with her home cooking incorporating the Amy Hamley Palm Desert Luncheon Plates in black. This collection is modern, sleek and minimal which allows for your recipes to shine all on their own! We highly recommend this collection to any modern day foodie who enjoys taking photos of their recipes as they are simple yet elevated dishes that make your food look restaurant quality. 

These plates are also very versatile, with a raised edge these pieces can be used as both a plate and/or a shallow bowl. We like using them for smoothie bowls, burrito bowls, soups, or pasta.

Amy Hamley Palm Desert Liz Marazzi

The Palm Desert Luncheon Plates featuring pesto pasta. 

Amy Hamley Palm Desert Liz Marazzi

The Palm Desert Luncheon Plate being used for smoothie bowls. 

"Having a more simplistic aesthetic myself, I love that all of the collections offered by Magenta allows the artists to stay true to their own personal styles. Each of the pieces, and their uniqueness, has fit perfectly with my family and our home. They’ve given me the chance to showcase my goofy kids and family, as well as photograph more artistic features with my home decor".

"These pieces will always have a significant memory in our household." 


Working with Liz was a dream! Her photos always look so effortless but we know the hard work that goes into each and every image. Her love of cooking really shined during this ambassadorship and complimented the ceramics so well. Her photos of her family are full of life, but even her images without people in them told a story each and every time. 

It is an honor to make and sell products that live within the story of each of our ambassador's family's lifestyle. We are so grateful to work with such amazing people and look forward to future ambassadorships in 2020. 

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