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 The Indoor Plant Trend

We've been so excited about the indoor plant trend. From two-way mugs, planters, garden sticks and bud vases, we can't get enough! We recognize that becoming a plant parent can feel a bit overwhelming. We reached out to our artist, Angela Staehling, creator of the Plant Life Collection to get some advice. Angela has quite the green thumb and here she chats general plant tips, great starter plant ideas and common mistakes to avoid killing your leafy friends. 

Whether you’re ready to commit to a full plant collection or you just want a great accent plant, there’s a way for everyone to take part in plant life. 

Full Plant Collection

Angela Staehling watering her plants at home.

Plant Tips with Angela Staehling

"Love plants but don’t know where to start? Have no fear! Raising plant babies is not as hard as you think! Most plants only need four things to stay alive (besides your love, of course!)

1) water

2) sunlight

3) soil

4) fertilizer

And surprisingly, there are a few easy-to-care-for plants that don’t even need all four of those elements. Lucky you!

One thing to keep in mind about plants is “less is more”. While we all have a tendency to smother our plants with love, food, and water, sometimes we can overdo it.

Best practice is to learn your plant’s growing conditions and stick to those guidelines. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as sometimes a plant’s life cycle just comes to an end. Also, any slight modifications to your environment can make a world of difference. For example, maybe your plant is getting too many cool drafts from a window or an air conditioner? Maybe your soil has become too compacted and can benefit from a little loosening with a fork or chopstick? Looser soils help oxygen and water travel more easily to the roots. Or lastly, maybe you haven’t fertilized enough and your plant is simply lacking some key nutrients?


Photo by @carey_bears

Photo by @carey_bears featuring the Plant Life Garden Stick and a Pilea Plant.

Plant Recommendations

The Snake Plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue, is a hardy plant with tall spiky leaves that adds a nice architectural touch to your room. Grown in either high-light or low-light spaces, this plant can tolerate a variety of growing conditions. Let the soil dry out between waterings, as the snake plant prefers drier soils. And if you tend to forget about fertilizing your plants, this plant is right for you! The Snake Plant can thrive for months, even a few years, without getting a dose of fertilizer.
The ZZ Plant is another winner! This glossy-leafed plant doesn’t require much water and can be stuck in a corner that doesn’t get much sunlight. If you’d like the plant to grow faster, place it a sunny location.  The ZZ Plant doesn’t require frequent fertilizing and can do quite well with one feeding in the spring.
Lucky Bamboo is also another easy plant to grow. Simply place a stalk in a vase with water just above the root line. Set the bamboo in a bright location with indirect light. Rinse off its roots and change the water every few months. That’s it! 


photo @carey_bears

Photo by @carey_bears featuring the Plant Life Tumbler and a Monstera Adansonii Plant.
"Don’t be intimated by growing your own plants. You will feel much rewarded for keeping a happy, healthy houseplant! Start with an easy one, like a Pilea or Monstera, and you might just be surprised at how easy it is! Before you know it, you might find yourself inching closer to #plantaddiction! Happy planting!" - Angela Staehling


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