About International Women's Day

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8.

The day has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911.

The day is not country, group or organization specific - and belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.

Why We Care

Let’s talk about why International Women’s Day is such an important holiday to us at Magenta. It’s a great holiday to celebrate women in our lives, and honor brave women who have paved the way towards equality. It’s also important because Magenta as a company operated primarily by women and we use Magenta as a platform to represent female artists. International Women’s Day helps us look at the shrinking-but-still-ever-present disparities and inequalities women world-wide face every day.

All around the globe, women statically work more hours and yet only earn 6% to 70% of the wages. The statistics surrounding women of color and other minorities are even lower. Women are less likely to own land and make up 70% of the extremely impoverished people around the globe.

These numbers are both humbling and depressing, but we want to encourage you to advocate for yourself in your daily life. This can mean negotiating higher pay, reporting a sexist remark at work, or taking the time to verbally recognize and encourage women in your life. But since it’s International Women’s Day, we’re asking you to do one, small-but-mighty, actionable thing to empower a woman in the world today. It’s easier than you might think.


6 Ways You Can Help Women

1. Recognize A Woman Who Has Impacted Your Life

We encourage you to take to social media and your love and admiration for the women that have touched lives. This could look like sharing a story or post about a relative that has made an impact on you personally, or a public figure that has inspired you in a unique way.

Lala Kent, Actress, Beauty Mogul, and star of Vanderpump Rules, @LALAKENT says:

“Extend a quick thank you to the women in your life. This International Women’s Day, I would urge you to send out three quick, personalized thank-you notes to different women who inspire or have impacted you. Let’s lift one another up and support each other in every aspect of life.”

 2. Buy From Women-Owned Businesses

Support Female artists and companies- where you spend your dollars is equally important as your vote. When you make conscious choices to support female owned and operated businesses, you are empowering women. Be a conscious consumer and put your money behind brands that support female artisans, fair labor practices, and training and development opportunities for women, allowing them to be competitive in male-dominated marketplaces.

 3. Collaborate Instead Of Competing

When women support one another, it’s the most powerful thing. Instead of looking at other women as the competition, build each other up and think about the magic you could create with your talents combined. Put your heads together when you’re with your girls and create together!

4. Take Children or Friends To Women's Sporting Matches

Sports are a huge part of American culture, but often times women’s sporting matches are overlooked and not frequently attended. By taking your children or friends to a game, you are watching and supporting female athletes and also showing other females that it’s not just a mans game.

5. Mentor A Woman and Help Her Build Her Networks 

If applicable, always ask to bring a plus one. When first starting out, many rely on a network of incredible women who help open doors and introduced us to people who will help grow their business. So pay it forward by inviting one woman to join you for any event or meeting that they may not otherwise have access to. We understand the power of networking and this is an easy way to help connect women at all levels.

 6. Volunteer Your Time or Resources To Help Women

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, volunteering your time is an entirely personal decision. Pick a cause that supports women and your moral compass.


Lauren Underwood, U.S. Representative  (D-IL), @LAURENAUNDERWOOD urges this as well:

“Find an organization or cause that’s meaningful to you and donate your time. I started as a Girl Scout, then became a volunteer on my local housing board in high school, which drew me to nursing and later led me to run for Congress. It’s never too early to start—and no role is too small. Girlfriends, we need you! Our communities are stronger when we hear the voices of young women.”


 Magenta's Female Roster

Hello!Lucky Eunice and Sabrina

Sabrina & Eunice of Hello!Lucky

Hello!Lucky, is helmed by the crafty sister duo of Eunice James and Sabrina Moyle, who love to have pun. These energetic co-founders have cleverly distilled their childhood experiences traveling the world into a playful line of illustrated tabletop items, desk accessories, letterpress cards and much more. 

"We grew up in Burma, Libya, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Our family was always very artistic. Our Mom is very crafty and loved to sew. Our grandmother who lived with us did Chinese brush painting, two of our aunts were artists, and most of the family is musical. We also got exposed through seeing the ways that different cultures where we lived were expressed through the arts."

When they're not working on their business, you can find them spending time with their children, making time for friends and family, reading, dancing or going for walks, and traveling.

View Their Hello!Lucky Life Life Happy Collection here.


Rae Dunn in Her studio Magenta Rae Dunn

Bay Area artist Rae Dunn is an accomplished ceramicist, painter and author whose works have earned her fans all over the globe. She finds inspiration in nature, her world travels, and from her beloved pup Wilma, who is often featured in her books and social media.

"The minute I touched clay, I fell madly in love with it and it slowly started taking over my life, until one day it became my life. I love the tactile nature of ceramics. I love that you can make something out of a lump of dirt. 

My work seems to bring joy to a lot of people. I love hearing directly from my customers about how my work has changed their life, helped them somehow, or has brought them a new community of friends.”

View all of Rae Dunn's collections here

amy hamley

Amy Hamley

Based in Berkeley California, Amy Hamley is a skilled ceramicist and product designer. As reflected by her carefully curated glaze palette, her work is a nod to the soft hues of the state’s coastal mountains, local flora, and to the blush rock of the desert.

"My work has long been inspired by nature and exploring California has provided endless inspiration. The rocky cliffs along the Sea Ranch coast, the canyons of Malibu, or the valleys of Yosemite, for example, all showcase their own textures and color palettes and I wanted to evoke those places in my collections."

When not working you can find Amy having picnics at the marina, with her husband and Perro, her beloved shitzu.

View Amy's Palm Desert Collection here. 

Angela staehling art magenta

Angela Staehling

Angela Staehling is an illustrator, surface designer and author who captures her love of the great outdoors from mountain tops to wooded forests. Her wanderlust spirit is reflected in her designs as she paints vignettes of a life worth exploring.

“I love how Magenta has given me the freedom to paint what inspires me. They have a wonderfully fresh approach to design and are eager to collaborate on projects with a fresh vibe. I am also grateful to work with a company who truly treasures their artists and enjoys helping promote their different artists’ works.”

When not illustrating, Angela enjoys spending time in her garden, hanging out with her kids and hiking nearby nature trails. She draws much of her inspiration from the great outdoors and delights in playing with new art mediums and style.

View Angela's Plant Life Collection here