Celebrating Women Through Décor: Shining a Light on Female Artists At Magenta, we’ve always made celebrating women through décor one of our most powerful missions. As a company owned and operated primarily by women, we’re well aware of the strengths that female artists bring to the world, and are always seeking to highlight home decor vendors who are not only women themselves but who design for women throughout all of their life stages. In honor of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d take a look at some of the amazing female designers who create and sell stunning décor in the Magenta marketplace.

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Female Home Décor Artists We Love

From decorative dinnerware to pretty planters, there’s more to your home’s décor than just items that are nice to look at. And with so many female designers taking center stage, it’s easier than ever to find pieces that speak to both the female experience and the desire to curate a creative home. With all this in mind, here are two designers worth celebrating this International Women’s Day—and beyond.

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Hello!Lucky For: Young mothers of pets and children looking for playful and energetic décor. Hello!Lucky is helmed by the crafty sister duo of Eunice James and Sabrina Moyle, who love to have pun. These energetic co-founders have cleverly distilled their childhood experiences traveling the world into a playful line of illustrated tabletop items, desk accessories, letterpress cards, and more. "We grew up in Burma, Libya, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Our family was always very artistic. Our Mom is very crafty and loved to sew. Our grandmother who lived with us did Chinese brush painting, two of our aunts were artists, and most of the family is musical. We also got exposed through seeing the ways that different cultures where we lived were expressed through the arts."

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Rae Dunn For: Established women who appreciate details, farmhouse ceramics, and decorating every corner of their home. Bringing women together through her beautiful work, Bay Area artist Rae Dunn is an accomplished ceramicist, painter, and author with fans all over the globe. Her products are simply timeless, and can be passed down from generation to generation. She finds inspiration in nature, her world travels, and her beloved pup, Wilma, who is often featured in her books and social media. "The minute I touched clay, I fell madly in love with it and it slowly started taking over my life, until one day it became my life. I love the tactile nature of ceramics. I love that you can make something out of a lump of dirt.”

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Each of these artists is worth celebrating in her own right, as well as for her commitment to designing décor that connects with—and inspires—other women, regardless of where they might be in their lives. Our passion for supporting women runs deep, and we’re thankful for these female designers who have paved the way for more to come.