MAGENTA x Hello!Lucky

Terrazzo Pet Bowl Large


Taking inspiration from the intersection of simple geometric forms, Hello!Lucky’s modern Terrazzo pet bowls take feeding your furry baby to a new level. These hand casted pet bowls are made from concrete with terrazzo in-lay molds and have a smooth matte finish. The blend of concrete is mixed with various soothing colors, a concave interior, and cut-outs on each side for easy grip handles. Each bowl is substantial in weight to cut down on spillage, and will look great anywhere in the home. These pet bowls are highly durable and make great gifts for any pet owner.

  • 6.50"SQ x 3"H
  • Made from concrete with terrazzo in-lay
  • Weighted for sturdiness
  • Concave interior
  • Matte finish
  • Cut-outs handles on each side
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