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Wholesale Home Decor for Retailers


Browse an extensive home goods wholesale inventory and get access to some of the best representations of contemporary and farmhouse style.

As one of the leading wholesale home decor vendors, we partner with the best retailers in the USA to provide customers with trendy and original wholesale modern home decor! Popular brands include lines of products from Hello!Lucky, as well as numerous products from our Rae Dunn wholesale collections. For complete and efficient access to all of our stocking products and wholesale home decor items, consider applying for a Magenta Wholesale Account. For Net 60 terms and shipping to Canada, The United Kingdom, and Parts of Europe, join us on Faire

All of the other terms are within our Faire Direct link, we would like to accumulate as many accounts organically through Shopify since Faire takes a percentage. This is why we mainly market our Faire channel to overseas customers who want to purchase our products.