Meet the Artist

Angela Staehling has been an established illustrator and surface designer with a long list of amazing clients. From Chronicle Books, Target, Macy's, Smithsonian Store, Pier 1 Imports and Kohl's, you've probably seen her work! She designs her own collections of dinnerware, stationery, textiles and other home decor product lines. 

When not illustrating, Angela enjoys spending time in her garden, hanging out with her kids and hiking nearby nature trails. She draws much of her inspiration from the great outdoors and delights in playing with new art mediums and styles. Her wanderlust spirit is reflected in her whimsical designs as she paints vignettes of a life worth exploring.

The Plant Life Collection

This collection was inspired by simple, quiet settings. The idea of painting little vignettes of plants on shelves, or in everyday settings, just brings a sense of calm and peacefulness to otherwise busy life. 
The Plant Life collection brings vibrant and playful garden illustrations to everyday items. This line is perfect for the plant lady (or man!) as it incorporates life and greenery into home decor and garden pieces such as planters, bud vases, trinket trays and gardening tools. You’ll also find perfect everyday items and accessories such as a zip pouch, enamel pins, mugs and a travel tumbler for the on-the-go
plant enthusiast.

Artist Interview + Studio Tour

Here we explore Angela's at-home studio, talk about her inspirations and see behind the scenes of an illustrator. 
MAGENTA: Tell us about starting your ceramic line and how you got connected with Magenta?
STAEHLING: “I am a painter at heart and have been designing home decor products for about 20 years. I met the team at Magenta several years ago when I was drawn to their product range. I was in the midst of redesigning my brand, and felt that Magenta’s design aesthetic would be a perfect fit for my new art style.”
MAGENTA: What is your connection to plants?
STAEHLING: “Plants always seem to pop up in my work. While I’m happy to paint almost any theme, I’m particularly drawn to plant life. Gardening is a huge love of mine, so painting any potted plants, flowers, leaves, or trees, make me most happy. I find so much joy in tending to my plants, that creating an entire collection inspired by plants was a no-brainer for me.”
MAGENTA: What influenced your Plant Life collection?
STAEHLING: “I love simple, quiet settings. The idea of painting little vignettes of plants on shelves, or in everyday settings, just brings a sense of calm and peacefulness to my otherwise busy life."
MAGENTA: What have you enjoyed most about working with us?
STAEHLING: “I love how Magenta has given me the freedom to paint what inspires me. They have a wonderfully fresh approach to design and are eager to collaborate on projects with a fresh vibe. I am also grateful to work with a company who truly treasures their artists and enjoys helping promote their different artists’ works.”

MAGENTA: What's the next place you want to travel to?

STAHELING: "Peru. We travel a lot and there are many countries I would like to go back and visit, but hiking the Inca Trail is high on my list."

MAGENTA:  Tell us what Happiness is to you.
STAEHLING: "Being with my family, dreaming up new collections to paint, and hanging out with my cats and plants."
MAGENTA: Tell us how you like to start a great day.
STAEHLING: "Freshly squeezed lemon in my water, 2 cups of good black coffee, a lit candle, and at least an hour or two of quiet time before my family wakes up."