Artist Profile: Amy Hamley

Amy Hamley working in her studio


We partnered with artist Amy Hamley last year and immediately fell in love with her designs. Hamley is a ceramicist and product designer based in Berkeley, California. As reflected in her carefully curated glaze palette, her work is a subtle nod to the soft hues of California’s coastal mountains, local flora, and the blush rock of the desert floor.

Amy Hamley ceramics are the perfect embodiment of her love of minimalism with a touch of art deco inspiration, and offer an easy vibe paired with approachable sophistication. Some of our favorite pieces include handmade vases and planters that highlight the organic elements of the greens and flowers they’re meant to house. Hamley also produces unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for the design lover who wants pottery décor they can’t find anywhere else.

We visited Hamley in her studio to see her at work and hear more about her inspirations. 


A shelf of ceramics in Hamley's studio. 


Amy's work has been featured in Dwell, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, Country Living, Vogue, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Refinery 29, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, and more.


Hamley throwing in her studio.

The Palm Desert collection brings chic minimalism to everyday items. This line boasts home decor pieces such as handmade ceramic dinnerware, serving trays, planters, and luminaries. You’ll also find items perfect for entertaining such as a pitcher tumbler set for drinks, tapas style plates for small bites, and a cream and sugar set for brunch at home.

With its minimal lines and earth tones, this collection was designed to invoke the laid back desert oasis vibe of Palm Springs, California. Scroll down to browse the collection.

Hamley transferring gold starbursts onto her ceramics- a key element of her designs.  



Magenta: How has moving to California influenced your work?

Hamley:  “I’ve revamped the entire color palette; it is definitely a desert palette. I wanted it to be super minimal and focused and earth tones. Just something that would appeal to more people rather than the loud painter style I used to have.”

Magenta: What’s the most important thing to you when creating your work?

Hamley: “For me, the important thing is a well designed, simple, functional thing that is beautiful. Just because it is a kitchen item doesn't mean that you have to compromise on style with everyday items. It changes the way you feel when you are eating together and setting a nice table. A well designed item makes a big difference.”

Hamley holding one of her large bowls in her studio. 

Magenta : Tell us about your line with us.

Hamley: “I wanted to keep clean, simple lines in this collection. I wanted it to feel like you were on a patio in Palm Springs. Just having small dishes for entertainment, cream and sugar for the morning, salt and pepper cellars, serving trays and then planters to create an atmosphere for your table. So it was sort of like garden and entertainment together.”

Magenta: What is your favorite piece of the Palm Desert line?

Hamley: “My favorite piece in that collection is the cocktail pitcher set because that is something very true to something I would use. I could see myself using it at night to make some cocktails and enjoy.”

Hamley with her beloved dog, Perro. 

Magenta: Finish the following sentences...


If I wasn’t an artist I’d ___?

Hamley: have a dog rescue.

The next place I want to travel is___?

Hamley: Barcelona, Im fascinated with the architecture.


Weekends are for___?

Hamley: picnics at the marina.


A great day begins with___?

Hamley: coffee.


The last song I listened to on repeat was___?

Hamley: Freedom by Beyonce.


I never leave home without___?

Hamley: Perro, my beloved shitzu. 


I’m proud of ____?

Hamley: Finally carving out and building the life I always wanted for myself here in the Bay Area.


My dream dinner party guest would be ___?

Hamley: David Bowie, I would want to know all the stories. I want to know a story from a life well lived.  


The Palm Desert Collection by Amy Hamley

Perfect for Entertaining

The Palm Desert collection brings chic minimalism to everyday items. This line boasts home decor pieces such as serving trays, planters, and luminaries. You’ll also and perfect items for entertaining such as a pitcher tumbler sets for drinks, tapas style plates for small bites, and a cream and sugar set for brunch at home.


Illuminate Your Home

One of the key pieces of the Palm Desert Collection are the luminaries. These artisanal candle holders have starburst cutouts that allow light to shine through and illuminate any space. 


Dark Glaze with Gold Details

Amy Hamley's black ceramics immediately caught our eye when we began working with her. Incorporating pieces with that glaze was a priority for the Palm Desert Collection. We love how this darker finish pops with the gold detailing along the bottom edge of all the pieces. These pieces look so beautiful in a minimal kitchen with neutral accents. 



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