3 Ways to Use The Palm Desert Collection for New Years Eve!

The team here at Magenta has a new motto: "New Year, New Collection". At least that's how were feeling as New Years Eve approaches, and we officially are launching Amy Hamley's Palm Desert Collection


The Palm Desert collection brings chic minimalism to everyday items. This line boasts home decor pieces such as serving trays, planters, and luminaries. You’ll also find perfect items for entertaining such as a pitcher + tumbler sets for drinks, tapas style plates for small bites, and a cream and sugar set for brunch at home.


Here are 3 Ways to Use The Palm Desert Collection for New Years Eve:


1. A Serving Tray for Champagne

Once the clock nears midnight, it's time to have champagne all around. Be the host or hostess with style by serving your flutes on the beautiful serving tray from the Palm Desert Collection. We even recommend setting it up on your counter, or display table so guests can appreciate it prior to midnight.


Shop the serving tray HERE

2. Use the Pitcher + Tumblers to Serve a Unique Cocktail

Black and gold are the epitome of New Years Eve colors, so why not serve your cocktails in them? We made a unique champagne cocktail mixed with strawberry puree, mint leaves, and a shining star sparkler to really top it off. 


Shop the Pitcher HERE.







Shop the Tumblers HERE






3. Serve Small Bites on Tapas Tray, Cheeseboard and Small Plates 

A party isn't a party until there is food involved. Entertain your guests with small bites throughout the night. We recommend the Trader Joe's frozen section for quick and easy appetizers to impress anyone. Serve them on any of the tapas trays or cheeseboard (that knife comes in handy!) and have the small luncheon size plates available to grab for guests.


Shop the Tapas Trays HERE.





Shop the Cheeseboard HERE.







Shop the small plates HERE.










We hope that gives you some ideas on how to use the new Amy Hamley collection for New Years Eve and beyond. Happy 2019, and see you next year! 

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