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Hope you're all enjoying the summer. If you're not sitting behind a cubicle this Thursday morning, here's hoping you're out by the water basking in the sun. Check out Rae's latest blog and come back and look at all our great lunch plates. 
The talented Rae Dunn, one of Magenta's early and most popular artists, has built quite a world. Her unique, wought-after work spans ceramics, paintings, jewelry and more. A big part of her world is her beloved Jack Russell terrier, Wilma. With personality galore, Wilma accompanies Rae on many of her travels (she has hit Boston, Cape Cod, and Vermont this week alone - look out East Coast!) and Rae artfully captures Wilma's adventures - or her naps. Last year, Wilma's World - Good Advice from a Good Dog - made it's debut in printed form. It's a lovely, quirky, and humorous book featuring this one-of-a-kind star, and published by Chronicle Books. She leads quite the life, that Wilma. And makes many friends along the way. Fresh out of the...
It's been a busy week at Magenta getting our new collections onto the website. We hope you're enjoying the new inspirations that are popping up in the shop. After a long week, we're just going to leave this photo of Silvia Dotto's new Medallia collection for you to admire. They'll be available to ship in late September and we hope you bring her collection into your homes like we've brought her into the Magenta home. Have a great weekend. 
If you're in the Bay Area, check out the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival to see one of our artist's Whitney Smith! If you take any photos, post it to our Facebook page and share with us. 
Magenta is pleased to present the Medallia collection, fresh from Silvia Dotto, a canadian clay artist. As the child of Italian immigrants from the Venice area, Silvia learned at a young age how important function and form were to living. From a country that knows how to enjoy daily life, surrounded by history and natural beauty, why not make useful things that were beautiful too?    She discovered clay in her early 20s, and after living in London and traveling throughout Europe, she was bursting with ideas. Upon her return to Canada, she set up a clay studio and has been making beautiful, functional pieces in her own studio for over 20 years. Her mother often works right alongside of her, stretching the old world tradition into modern...
We're going to leave you this week with sneak peak at Whitney's new collection. Check back with us next week to see what we've been up to in preparation for the summer. 
Some of us in the office are off of wheat. We thought it would be as simple as saying no to the bun on the hamburger or making the conscious decision to not devour a loaf of sourdough french bread at dinner, but it's harder than that. While working towards that summer (or life) body, sacrfices have to be made. We won't be enjoying pastries and desserts this summer so we would like you all to enjoy them for us. We will live vicariously through you and what better way than to enjoy delicious treats on our dessert plates. If sweet treats and croissants bring you happy, don't let anyone take it away form you. 
We love people and things that are perfectly imperfect. We all are and there's beauty in that. Rae writes more about it today on her blog. 
Cheeseboards sell themselves. They're a good size and are easy to put into your shopping cart when you're making a last minute dash into the store for a hostess gift. What I was reminded of this past weekend is how the cheeseboard doesn't leave. Most gifts can hold their novelty for the first week and then it rents space in the back of your cupboard for the next two decades. It took me half a block of goat cheese to realize on Saturday night that the cheeseboard I was sitting next to was the same one I had gifted to the hostess five years earlier. It has purpose! Rae Dunn's cheeseboard will definitely be one I revisit as a gift idea and I'm so glad to see that those that have received it are still using it today. What are you doing with...
Whitney Smith wrote a great blog about her experience being an artist for Magenta and where her inspiration comes from. Check out her blog and then come back to our site and peruse her collection. Her new collection drops this summer!