Meet Our Designers

Magenta's philosophy centers on supporting artists and artisans to reach a wider audience. Our artists are the cornerstone of our business. Working closely together, we strive to realize and interpret their designs through thoughtful, hand-finished and high-quality production. Magenta is privileged to partner with such creative people.

Rae Dunn

Rae Dunn is an accomplished ceramic artist, painter and published author, based in California’s Bay Area. Her wide fan-base has welcomed her naturalistic hand-modeled forms, accented with simple words and French-tinged phrases, into their homes throughout the world.

Her inspirations come from nature, her travels, and her beloved dog Wilma, a frequent subject of her popular books and witty Instagram feed. Finding beauty in simple shapes, natural forms and found objects, her work captures the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

Her personal blog is popular not only for the photos of her most recent creations, but also for her postings that chronicle Wilma’s adventures. It is no wonder that Martha Stewart and the NY Times have recently profiled her inspiring artist’s life.  It has become a pastime for fans of our products featured on Instagram to simply write #raedunn #love

Brenda Holzke, Studio B

Los Angeles–based Brenda Holzke is the creator of our trend-setting Studio B collection. A featured artist of Magenta from our start, we have grown together on our quest for authentic expression through color and form. As a self-taught ceramic artist, Brenda feels unbound by aesthetic or technical limitations, and thrives on finding unique ways of interpreting clay through experimentation, all with a keen eye to market trends.

Whether she’s creating a luxe metallic-accented collection or a rustic setting with birch-themed embellishments, Brenda’s work continues to inspire. Her pieces are treasured for their elegance and show-stopping beauty. Whether it is an over-sized sculpted gourmet rose bowl, or detailed chrysanthemum platter tipped in gold, her signature style is always recognizable. 

As a working fine artist, Brenda is continuously working with mixed media. Visit her site at

Whitney Smith

Whitney Smith made the leap into a full-time ceramic artist’s life over 15 years ago, in pursuit of creating the work she loved to make. Based in Oakland, California, her incredible journey leaves her constantly challenged by her chosen medium of clay.

Whitney has a simple goal: to make items that are functional, absolutely beautiful, and a part of every day life. She strives for making transcendent work that takes customers into a moment of experiencing something beautiful. The influence of Asian ceramic sensibility appears in her nested lotus bowl set, or in the single song-bird that adorns a petal pink jar. In Whitney’s eyes, bringing these beautiful things into people’s lives is the best job a girl could have. Enjoy her process by visiting her blog and newsletter and

Bridget Parris

As an artist, Bridget Parris spends her time divided between her two great loves - fine arts and design. The tradition of 18th-century European porcelain provides her richest source of inspiration. A confirmed francophile and world-traveler, her historical reinterpretations are both effusively beautiful and sophisticated.

With a long-standing history in designing decorative accessories, Bridget’s first personal collection is a Magenta-exclusive. Hand-rolled porcelain flowers, plates and plates dipped in 12kt gold, and other hand-embellished serving items evoke a past, luxurious era, yet with a modern twist. From her Brooklyn studio, Bridget brings a sensibility of craft and style to Magenta that is unparalleled in today’s market.

Her breadth of artistic discovery and exploration can be seen at

Lollipop Pottery

Lollipop Pottery, designed by Ohio-based ceramic artists Jessica and Tyson Geib, is a playful, one-of-a-kind Magenta-exclusive collection. As a couple in both business and life, they spend each day happily working together, utilizing their different and complementary talents to create signature lines. Both Jessica and Tyson, dedicated full-time artists for decades, strive to make items that are different from and complimentary to the objects you use and enjoy on a daily basis. And bring a smile to your face.

Silvia Dotto

Silvia Dotto is a Canadian clay artist and designer of home objects. The daughter of Italian immigrants, she was Introduced at a young age to the concepts of craftsmanship and design of useful objects for everyday solutions.

The newest addition to Magenta, Silvia Dotto, is a clay artist and designer of home objects. Her Italian immigrant parents introduced her, at an early age, to the concepts of craftsmanship and the design of useful objects for everyday solutions.  

In her early 20s, Silvia moved to Italy where she developed a keen appreciation for both historical and modern Italian ceramics. Settling in London a few years later, she began to furnish her first apartment. Unable to find objects with the combination of style, detail, and quality to her liking, Silvia decided to take a pottery class so she could create her own pieces to satisfy her passion for food, entertaining and artistic statement.

Silvia returned to Vancouver and started a clay studio in 1997, where she has been producing highly collectible hand-made, artisanal collections ever since. Magenta is thrilled to collaborate with Silvia to introduce her exquisite Medallia home collection, a stunning new addition to any stylish table.