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We love our latest collection from Rae Dunn and so do our boutique shops. Thanks to In the Farm Kitchen for featuring us on their instagram. Check out their website as well to view more of our products! 
Sneak peek preview of the fantastic explosion of color and flora that is Whitney Smith's new summer collection for Magenta. It has been a thrill and a pleasure to experience the evolution of this talented Magenta-exclusive artist. From the austere and elegant nested Lotus Bowls - our first WS product - to the beautiful vintage-feel pieces of her cakeplates and pastry shop delights, Whitney continues to surprise and explore her craft. Look for plates, bowls and mugs, to be paired with nested...
Numbers are exact. They create a calm in the chaos and provide organization. Having the numbered collection by Rae Dunn gives the earthy, natural forms of Rae's a science to follow. You can count out the number of guests you have an assign them each their own figure. Take a look at our numbered items and share with us the ones you like the most. 
Sometimes you just need a little blue in your life. Whitney Smith's vintage blue has impressed our fans for years. We want to offer them to you here in a pre-summer sale before the introduction of our amazing new collection this summer. Check out these items and buy them while they're still available! 
I recognize Whitney Smith's trademark bird anywhere. Walking through a gift shop at the SFO airport I saw a small cake dish with a bird pirched on the side and I knew before I picked it up that it was a Whitney piece. Her butter dish can compliment any table and the assorted colors mean that you can match any style (red is my favorite). I love her cake plates and platters as well, but when I'm put on the spot to choose a favorite, it would have to be the butter dish. 
We're going to take a lead from one of our designers, Rae Dunn, and just let it go. Glad we made it to the midweek mark and lets keep going. Check out her latest blog here. Afterwards, check out her latest items ready to buy on in our shop!
We LOVE seeing our products in local shops in our own neighborhood. Treehouse Green Gifts has carried Magenta for years. They have the most creative ideas with our products and even inspired one of our staff members to use our stein mugs as the favor at their party. If you're in the Berkeley area, stop by their shop and see our products in person. 
TGIF! It's a countdown to the end of the work week with a beautiful weekend ahead for all of us. Studio B's birch appetizer cheese set tells your guests that you want to have fun, but you're not stuffy about it either. When we're all sitting down watching the Dubnation continue on to the finals, dress up the cheese and crackers using this giftable set. If you're like a lot of us and you rely on someone else to set up the party, then gift your host or hostess with this set. It lets them know...
As Creative Director at Magenta, I have the good fortune to collaborate daily with our talented, ever-amazing artists and designers. It is inspiring, appropriately challenging (exploring new techniques and materials), and pretty darn rewarding as a daily vocation. I strive to support our artists' visions and goals, while also keeping an eye on production limitations and the ever-changing marketplace and economic climate. I am consistently reminded of the balance between art and "product" - how...
Whitney Smith has two events coming up next month. You can learn more about it on her website.  Solo Show: Roscoe Ceramic Gallery Month of May Opening: Friday May 6 473 25th Street Oakland, CA   Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival July 9 & 10 Palo Alto Art Center 1313 Newell Rd Palo Alto, CA