• Jewelry by Rae Dunn

    Simplicity of design, pureness of porcelain with the warmth and luxe of real gold are what makes Rae Dunn's new jewlry line a collection to be worn everyday. 

    Jewelry by Rae Dunn
  • Linens by Rae Dunn are Here!

    Let the beuaty you love be what you do...

    Linens by Rae Dunn
  • Have fun with Magenta!

    Lets make any occasion memorable! 

  • Indigo Dreams by Rae Dunn

    Inspired by her travels, deep blues meet signature artisan style in this eclectic collection. Indigo Dreams only from Magenta.

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  • FL4MATS are here!

    Magenta is excited to bring to you FL4MATS by Magenta. Check out our floormats and let us know what you think! 

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  • Medallia - A bit of Italy, at your table.

    Introducing ceramic artist, Silvia Dotto, and her new collection Medallia. Vibrant colors and artisanal craftsmanship evoke the spirit and flavors of Italy. This stunning collection of coordinating serveware is perfect for entertaining in any season. Exclusively Magenta. 

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  • BLOSSOM Sketchbook by Whitney Smith

    Whitney Smith's newest collection of inspired, handpainted ceramics. Dogwood, Bloom, Rose - now blooming on a table near you...

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  • Chocolat Collection

    Our popular Chocolat collection is back! Enjoy Rae Dunn's forms with the unique dark clay. 

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  • Magenta's Latest!

  • Everything's Coming Up Indigo

  • Introducing Silvia Dotto

  • Inspired by Nature

  • Uniquely Chic