• Wanderlust

    Introducing Angela Staehling, and her new collection Wanderlust. For those ready to pack their bags and go, the whimsicla designs of Angela Staehling offer trinket trays that remind all of us to chart a new path, and keep the wanderlust spirit alive. Coming soon in September.

  • Jewelry by Rae Dunn

    Simplicity of design, pureness of porcelain with the warmth and luxe of real gold are what makes Rae Dunn's new jewlery line a collection to be worn everyday. 

    Jewelry by Rae Dunn
  • Linens by Rae Dunn are Here!

    Let the beauty you love be what you do...

    Linens by Rae Dunn
  • Stem Lettering

    Let the treasure hunt for Rae's new lettering collection begin!

    Coming soon...
  • Salt and Earth

    A Constellation series capturing the twinkling stars cast across the celestial heavens

    Coming soon...
  • French Sketch

    Take a trip to south of France through the eyes of Rae

    Coming soon...
  • French Dessert

    Inspired by the shapes, colors, and sweet smells of all things dessert

    Coming soon...
  • Chocolat

    Our popular Chocolat collection is back! Enjoy Rae Dunn's forms with the unique dark clay. 

    Shop Chocolat


  • Magenta's Latest!

  • Linens by Rae Dunn

  • Introducing Silvia Dotto

  • Inspired by Nature

  • Uniquely Chic